Truman Scholarship: A Merit-Based Scholarship

Truman Scholarship is a merit-based awards scholarship, which is available to students in college who seek to have careers in public service or government. The scholarship has a lot of great deals that will interest you to know. Hence, this post will explain more to you, about what Truman Scholarship is all about, who is qualified for the scholarship, and how to apply for Truman Scholarship as you continue reading.

Truman Scholarship: A Merit-based Scholarship


What to Know  About Truman Scholarship

The Truman Scholarship is funded by the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation, the federal monument to the thirty-third President of the United States.


The scholarship scheme (Truman Scholarship) was established by Congress in 1975 as a permanent tribute to the 33rd President of the United States.

And then, Truman Scholarship serves as the recognized government memorial to the late president in place of a statue.

However, Truman Scholars take part in leadership development activities, receiving up to $30,000 for graduate or professional education.

These Scholars are given opportunities to work and also have internships with the apex government (federal).

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Hence, the foundation sees public service as working with any level of government, public interest groups, and uniform services.

Including public and private schools, and nonprofit groups with a focus on public service.

In addition, those whose main missions are to aid the underprivileged or those in need or who work to preserve the environment.


A total of sixty Truman scholarships are given out each year to students who want to pursue graduate degrees in government, public health, public service, and environmental protection, (master’s or doctoral).

Furthermore, only undergraduate students in their junior year of study are eligible for the award, which offers up to $30,000 for graduate studies.

Hence, the recipients of the award must promise to work for three of the following seven years on completion of your program.

Who is Eligible for the Truman Scholarship?

  • Have to be U.S. Citizen
  • You must be a junior in your undergraduate degree in any area
  • Also, plan to pursue a graduate program that will lead to a career in public service or government.
  • Have the plan to work in the public sector
  • You must top 25% of the class with about a 3.7 GPA)
  • An individual must also get a nomination from the institution.
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Truman Scholarship Selection Criteria

  • A long history of the campus and community engagement.
  • Good leadership qualities
  •  A dedication to a career in politics or in the nonprofit and advocacy sectors
  • Possessing strong communication skills and the potential to act as a “change agent”; and
  • Exceptional academic record and the likelihood of admission to the candidate’s preferred graduate program.

Scholarship Application Procedures

  • If you want to apply for the Truman scholarship do the following:
  • Filled out Truman application form and proposed policy
  • Proposed Public Policies
  • The suggestion is made in the form of a brief memo addressed to the person in charge of carrying out its recommendations. It should provide a succinct description of the problem, offer a course of action to solve it, and point out significant implementation challenges.
  • Unauthorized transcript
  • Three endorsement letters. By the aforementioned date, recommenders should forward their signed letters on business or institutional letterhead to The Truman Foundation demands the following:
  • Your “leadership potential and abilities” are addressed in one letter.
  • Please be aware that the letters describing your service and leadership must directly cite the examples you provided in your application responses. Because of this, you must have fruitful discussions with your Truman writers before the internal application/letter deadline.
  • Truman’s Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation will be helpful to applicants and writers.
  • Also, your “commitment to a career in public service” will be addressed in one, as well as your “intellect and prospects for continuing academic achievement“.
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Importantly, the Truman Scholarship offers the real intention of the thirty-third president of the United States (Harry S. Truman), to those who want to take up careers in the public sector or the government.

However, this post did provide all the needed information one might want to know about Truman Scholarship, the requirement, and how to apply for the scholarship scheme.


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