Pwani University Student Portal: How to Create Your Student Account

To initiate any academic engagements, it is imperative to establish a Pwani University Student Portal. It is highly recommended that all students generate their own portal for accessing their educational aspects like exam results.

Pwani University Student Portal


Pwani University Student Portal

The Pwani University (PU) Student Portal is an online portal that serves as a virtual platform where students can engage in various academic activities.


The Pwani University Students Portal facilitates the registration process for both new and returning students.

The online portal caters to the needs of current and prospective students, offering a seamless experience for tasks like application submissions, checking available courses, verifying admission status, reviewing results, and more.

How to Login to the Pwani University Student Portal

Follow the steps below to log in and access your student dashboard:

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1. Begin by visiting Pwani University’s student portal login page.


2. Locate and select the “Student Portal” link or button.

3. Input the username and password issued by the university.

4. After successful login, explore the various portal sections, including registration, courses, grades, and personal details.


How to Create a Pwani University Student Portal?

To create your Pwani University student portal, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Pwani University student portal website.

2. Press the “Register” button.

3. Input your personal details, such as your name, email address, and password.

4. Choose your student status (e.g., Undergraduate, Postgraduate).

5. Specify your academic year.

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6. Enter your student ID number.

7. Double-check all entered information and click “Submit.”

8. Receive an email confirmation containing your login details.

9. Sign in to the student portal using your username and password.

10. Access the student portal and begin utilizing the available services.

How to Reset Your PU Student Portal Forgotten Password

Don’t worry if you forget your password. just follow the steps below to easily reset your password:

1. Visit the official Pwani University website and navigate to the “Reset Student Portal Password” section.

2. Enter your admission number to initiate the password reset process.

3. Check your email for a password reset link sent by Pwani University.

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4. Click on the provided link to access a secure page for creating a new password.

5. Choose a new password following the specified requirements.

6. Confirm the new password by entering it again as prompted.

7. Receive a confirmation message, indicating a successful password reset.

8. Use the newly created password to log in to your Student Portal account.

The Pwani University Student Portal is more than just a digital platform; it’s the key to a successful academic journey. Navigating its features with confidence ensures that you make the most of your time at Pwani University.

Embrace the convenience, stay informed, and unlock your potential with this invaluable tool.


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