Oshwal College Student Portal Login and Features

Every student of Oshwal College needs the Oshwal College Student Portal to initiate any school-related tasks. Learn how you can log in and access the student portal.

Oshwal College Student Portal



Oshwal College Student Portal


This Oshwal College (OC) student portal is simply an online portal that serves as a hub for accessing educational activities, including result information.

This online portal, crafted by Oshwal College, facilitates account creation and login for various academic activities such as institution applications, course exploration, admission status checks, result verification, and more.

The Oshwal College Students Portal streamlines registration procedures for both fresh and continuing students, offering a convenient digital space for essential academic interactions.

How to Log in to the Oshwal College Student Portal

1. Visit the OC student portal

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2. Enter your unique Enrollment No into the designated field.

3. Input your password securely in the Password field.

4. Click the “Login” button to access your account.


Features of Oshwal College Student Portal

The following tasks can be carried out on the OC student portal:

1. Students can easily enroll in their chosen courses through the streamlined registration process.

2. They can also conveniently settle their fees securely through the designated payment channels.

3. The portal has also made it easy for students to access their academic performance for each semester.

4. One can verify their admission status and also print their admission letter for reference through the portal.

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5. Prospective students can also complete the acceptance fee payment to confirm their admission to Oshwal College, Nairobi through the portal.

6. Graduates can obtain their academic transcript through the portal.

7. The portal will keep you informed about important dates and events throughout the academic semester.

8. You can easily request additional credit hours to enhance your academic experience.

9. Students can also explore the option to defer their admission when needed, maintaining flexibility in their academic journey.

What are the Courses Offered in Oshwal?

The courses offered at Oshwal College are as follows:

1. BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme

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2. BSc (Hons) Computing Programme

3. BTEC Diploma in Business & IT

4. ICDL (International Computer Driving License)

5. MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)

6. QuickBooks & ACCA

7. FIA-Foundations in Accountancy

8. ACCA Applied Knowledge Level

The Oshwal College Student Portal is more than just a digital tool. It is a key companion you will need in your academic journey.

By understanding its features and utilizing them to their full potential, students can navigate their college experience with ease.

Embrace the possibilities that the OC Student Portal opens up, and make the most of your time at OC. Cheers to a year of academic growth and digital exploration!


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