NTC Teachers Portal Login: Complete Login and Registration

Access the NTC Teachers Portal login effortlessly through this comprehensive login and registration guide. Easy to navigate your way to a streamlined and efficient user experience.

NTC Teachers Portal Login


NTC Teachers Portal Login

NTC Teachers Portal Login is a creation of the National Teaching Council, For various NTC-related activities, such as Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and Portfolio assessment.

However, for the issuance of NTC licenses and teachers’ registered numbers, as well as NTC license renewal, here are the NTC Teachers Portal Login and instructions on how to log into your NTC Teachers Portal dashboard.


Before we list out the steps for the NTC Teachers portal login, go through the pre-steps on account registration.

NTC Teachers Portal Account Registration

All competent instructors employed by the Ghana Education Service and those working for private schools had received licenses and registration numbers from the National Teaching Council (NTC), according to information passed in 2023.

Therefore, it has allowed instructors who have declined registration to do so. To improve activation by the council, they advised elderly registrants to visit their portals and update their information.

According to a statement made by the NTC, under section 64 (1) of the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 2023, Act 1023, instructors who do not take part in this licensing and registration process could no longer operate as teachers in Ghana.


We list the information and requirements to complete the registration below;

1. Teacher account information

2. Personal information

3. Public teacher specific

4. Academic history

5. Teacher’s employment history

6. Other requirements

For online license management, portfolio building, and ongoing professional development programs, you must take the following steps to register on the NTC teacher portal:

1. To register, go to the TPG Official site.

2. Click the Register button after completing the registration form.

3. Then look for a confirmation link in your inbox.

4. To confirm your email address, click “Complete Registration” after that.

How to Recover Your NTC Portal Password

1. Click the “Need help logging in?” option on the login form underneath the Login button if you’ve forgotten your password.

2. You will be given the choices “One-time password (OTP)” and “Email password reset.”

3. If you can recall your email address, choose the first option and type it in to get login instructions.

4. Select the second choice and input your phone number to get a code to log in to your account if you’ve forgotten or lost access to your email address.

Steps for the NTC Teachers Portal Login

1. Log in to the NTC Teachers Portal via their official login account.

2. Select a connected category.

3. After that, enter the password you chose during registration together with your email address or phone number.

4. After that, log in by clicking the login button.

How to Log Out of the NTC Teachers Portal

1. On the dashboard, click “Logout from account” to log out.

2. Go to your dashboard and choose “Logout” (last item).

3. You may “Log out” from the drop-down menu on the gateway by clicking your image in the upper right corner.

How to Set Up Profile on NTC Teachers Portal

You must first log into your account and then complete the following seven (7) steps to build up your instructor profile:

1. Identification information

2. Personal information

3. Passport picture upload

4. Document upload

5. Academic history setup

6. Employment history setup

7. License setup

 Set Up a Teacher License on the NTC Teachers Portal

You must pay for the license after completing the forms in order to complete the application. For instructions on how to pay for your license, see the information below:

1. Choose “Setup Teacher Licence.” It will take you to the payment gateway, where you can use mobile money or a debit or credit card to make payments.

2. You will receive an email with a payment receipt if they approve your payment. For your records, kindly print a copy of the receipt.

3. When your account is activated following the validation of your document, you will be contacted by SMS and email. Your account is currently undergoing activation.

How to Set Up the Teacher Dashboard 

The teacher portal’s dashboard serves as the hub of activity. You may check information about your license, manage your portfolio, update your profile, and access training programs recommended by service providers, training records, and INSETs.

Teacher License Details 

1. License: The complete name of the license holder is listed here as the license holder.

2. License number: This number, which is both your registration number and license number, is produced when your account is activated.

3. The formula is TT/XXXXX/YY, where TT denotes the sort of teacher you are—either a professional (PT) or non-professional (NPT)—XXXXX denotes your serial number, and YY denotes the year in which you earned your first academic or professional certification.

4. Issue Date: The day they issued your license is known as the “issue date.”

5. Date of expiration: After this date, your license is no longer valid. It is automatically set to two years following the date of issuance.

6. Now you have all the information to begin your application. Do well to check out our other pointers in areas you might find confusing.

Finally, enjoy a sweet educational journey using the NTC Teachers Portal. Master login and registration, ensuring effortless access to valuable resources.

Take your teaching experience today to another level if you have read through this piece.


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