Oyoko Methodist Senior High School: Academics and Requirements

Oyoko Methodist Senior High School is a renowned educational institution in Ghana that has a rich history of excellence. Learn about its achievements and impact on the community here.

Oyoko Methodist Senior High School


Oyoko Methodist Senior High School

The history of Oyoko Methodist Senior High School dates back to the 1970s. That is when the Methodist Church of Ghana saw the need to establish a senior high school in the area.

The school started in 1975 with community assistance, and it had a small initial student body of only 56.


The school has expanded and undergone considerable changes throughout the years. That is by adding new facilities, new programs, and more students to its enrolment.

Today, Oyoko Methodist Senior High School boasts modern facilities. And that includes well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, a library, and sports facilities.


Oyoko Methodist Senior High School is famous for its academic excellence. And it has consistently produced top-performing students in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

General Arts, General Science, Home Economics, Business, Visual Arts, and Agriculture are among the many academic programs offered by the institution.

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The school employs a group of committed and knowledgeable teachers who give the pupils an excellent education.

The professors employ a range of educational strategies and techniques to ensure that the students are sufficiently prepared for their exams and future careers.

Oyoko Methodist Senior High School Admission Process

The admission process for the Methodist Senior High School typically begins in October each year. Both the school’s website and the admission office have application forms available for prospective students.

The application must be completely filled out and returned. And that is along with any required supporting materials such as academic transcripts, birth certificates, passport photos, and medical documents.

The school conducts an entrance examination and an interview to assess the suitability of the applicants. Successful applicants are then offered admission into the school.


Oyoko Methodist Senior High School has modern and well-maintained facilities. And that provides a conducive learning environment for students. Some of the facilities include:

  • Well-equipped science laboratory
  • Modern computer laboratory
  • Library with a wide range of reading materials
  • Hostel accommodation for students
  • Sports facilities, including a football field, basketball court, and volleyball court
  • The dining hall and cafeteria
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Co-curricular Activities

Apart from academics, the Methodist Senior High School places great emphasis on co-curricular activities.

The school has a vibrant sports department. And its teams have won several trophies and awards at the regional and national levels.

The school also has a vibrant cultural group that participates in various cultural events and festivals across the country.

In addition, Oyoko Methodist Senior High School has a vibrant debate and quiz team that has won several awards in national competitions.

Additionally, the school features a strong entrepreneurial program that pushes students to hone their business acumen.

Impact on the Community

Oyoko Methodist Senior High School has had a significant impact on the community over the years. Numerous alumni have achieved success in a variety of disciplines. And that includes medicine, law, engineering, and politics.

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These graduates have become role models and mentors to the younger generations in the community.

Moreover, the Methodist Senior High School has provided employment opportunities to many members of the community. And that includes teachers, administrative staff, and support staff.

The school has also contributed to the economic development of the community. That is by attracting businesses and investments.

The Methodist Senior High School is a renowned institution. And it has made a significant impact on the community over the years.

The institution has become a hub of excellence in Ghana. And that is thanks to its dedication to co-curricular activities, academic excellence, and community development.

The school will definitely develop and grow. And They will have more graduates who will go on to positively impact society.

If you are looking for a school that provides a holistic education that combines academic excellence with strong moral values, then OMSHS is the place to be.


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