Kent State University Acceptance Rate 2024

Are you interested in applying to Kent State University but unsure about their acceptance rate? If yes, the management of Kent State University has released the acceptance rate for students who have been admitted. Below is the breakdown of East Carolina University’s acceptance rate and other admission requirements.

Kent State University Acceptance Rate


Kent State University Acceptance Rate

Kent State University has an acceptance rate of 88%. Applicants admitted to Kent State University must submit their test scores, with SAT scores typically falling between 1000 and 1210, or ACT scores between 18 and 25.

However, one-quarter of admitted applicants scored above these ranges, and one-quarter scored below.


Admissions officials at Kent State University consider a student’s GPA to be a crucial academic factor.


An applicant’s high school class rank, when available, is considered important and admissions officials at Kent State University consider letters of recommendation.

Kent State University GPA Requirements

The GPA needed for admission at Kent State University depends on the average GPA of current students. With a 3.65 GPA, even below-average students are accepted.

Having mostly B’s with some A’s is acceptable, but it’s crucial to avoid C’s and D’s. If you’re a junior or senior, it’s difficult to improve your GPA before applying to college.


If your GPA is at or below the school average of 3.65, all you need is a higher SAT or ACT score to compensate.

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This will help you compete effectively against applicants with higher GPAs than you.

SAT and ACT Requirements

Kent State University has its guidelines regarding standardized testing. While only a few schools demand the SAT or ACT, many review submitted scores.

They advise that if you believe your scores reflect your abilities, submit them; otherwise, refrain. Failing to submit scores on time may reduce your chances of admission compared to other applicants.

They therefore approve that you consider taking the SAT or ACT and doing well.

Does Kent State University Give Full Scholarships for International Students?

As an international student at Kent State University, you’re qualified for many of Kent State’s scholarships, especially if you have a strong academic background.

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When combined, available scholarships can award an international student up to $68,000 toward a four-year undergraduate degree.

Does Kent University Offer a Full Scholarship?

Kent offers a comprehensive variety of scholarships to students who achieve outstanding academic merits from entry-level and beyond in their undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

They also offer scholarships in sports and music that can help you to further develop your talent alongside your studies.

The acceptance rate at Kent State University offers hopeful applicants valuable insight into their chances of admission.

By comprehending this rate, students can increase their chances and plan effectively.


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