How To Use Christmas Melon Fruit For Spiritual Protection

The Christmas Melon Fruit has an outer appearance similar to that of watermelon and an inward appearance similar to a Guava but quite different from it.


It is generally called ”Tagiri and Christmas melon” but scientifically it is referred to as ”Adenupos breviflorus.”

This fruit is more useful in poultry houses where it usually serves as a vaccine during dreaded epidemics such as Newcastle diseases among several others.


Furthermore, this fruit is believed by traditionalists to possess spiritual healing and protective powers.

Hence capable and ready to protect when used rightly.

There are certain dreaded diseases that are believed to fly about through projections during the dark (night)

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The effect of such is among the reasons one would sleep healthy and wake up with one ailment or another.

Keeping this fruit called ”Tagiri” under your bed before sleeping is believed to repel negative spirits and prevent you from falling sick or getting struck by the evil arrows which the enemies project.



Just take some of these fruits and place them under your bed while you sleep or in any corner of your house room or compound.

This piece of information was relayed to the writer by a traditionalist who strongly believes in its potency. You are free to try it out if you wish, but please if you lack belief, then it is better off you ignore it.

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