The First City On Earth (Ile Ife)


The ancient city of Ife.

History and tradition have it that Ile-Ife was the center in which the world was created.

Ile-Ife is located in southwestern Nigeria, Osun state.

It is occupied by people of different races with a population of about 509,813.

There was a period when the world was covered by water alone, then the Almighty God then decided to send some of his messengers to the world and they were Obatala as the leader and sixteen immortals.

They were given a Cockerel, five pieces of iron, and a lump of soil tied to a white piece of cloth.

Somewhere on their way to the world, Obatala got drunk with palm wine and Oduduwa (Obatala’s younger brother) seized the symbol of authority from him and he eventually led the party to the world.

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On getting to the world, they landed in a place called orafe in Ile-Ife. At the site, Oduduwa set down the five pieces of iron and the lump of soil placed on them.

The Cockerel then spread the soil with his toes. Immediately the Earth was formed and Oduduwa became the first ruler of the world.

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