Risky Thing Men Shouldn’t Do When Seeking For pen*s Enlargement


Men who are not satisfied with their pen*s size does do risky things in other to improve the size of their pen*s and today we will be discussing the one risky thing men shouldn’t do when seeking penis enlargement.

There are a few men who may not be alright with the size of their private part since they feel that it may not be sufficient for intimacy.

As per an exploration, the normal size of a man’s private part when not solid is 3.61 inches, and 5.16 inches when it is hardened.

There are a few men who might go additional miles, just to extend their private part.

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There are a few methods that are not good for a man to do on the fact that it is risky and may hurt the private part.

This article will take a toll on a hazardous thing that men shouldn’t do when looking for a way of increasing the size of their private part.

Infusing fat into the private part

This strategy is called penile increase, and men who are not happy with the size of their private part might be happy with this choice.

This choice is very risky in light of the fact that it includes infusing fat straightforwardly into the private part. This is done to build the bigness and width, of the private part.

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This technique is perilous for the fact that it can make the private part grow and lose its unique shape.

In the event that the result of the infusion is excessive, they might need to cut off the private part of the man.

Imagine as a man living without your private part, so you ought to stay away from this.

As indicated by an exploration, a private part of a medical procedure is thought of if a man has an ailment called micropenis.


This implies that a man’s private part is 1.6 inches. It is fitting that you converse with a urologist, in the event that you feel awkward with the size of your private part.

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