How To Stay Healthy To Avoid Being Infected With HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS attacks the body by attaching itself to a target cell, then injecting genetic materials which force the cells to make duplicates of the virus.

There is a small population of people that are resistant to HIV/AIDS despite repeated exposure to the virus.


4 reasons why some people cannot get infected with HIV/AIDS.



1. High Cytokines:

Cytokines are proteins that regulate the duration and intensity of immune response.

Studies have shown that people who are resistant to HIV/AIDS have high Cytokines which help in reducing viral entry into host cells and decreases the replication of the R5 strain of HIV.



2. Strong Immune System:

Some people’s immune systems are strong enough to destroy the virus.


3. Mutation:

A genetic mutation known as CCR5-delta 32 hampers HIV’s ability to infiltrate immune cells.

A few individuals carry this mutation in their CCR5 gene.


4. High cytotoxic T-lymphocytes:

Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes protect the body against HIV when there is consistent exposure to the virus.


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