Summit Medical Patient Portal (Comprehensive Guide)

Patients can request and view appointments through the Summit Medical patient portal, send messages or prescription refill requests, and view test results and billing online without having to make a phone appointment or wait on hold.

Summit Medical Patient Portal


Summit Medical Patient Portal

The user can submit appointment requests, requests for prescription renewals, payments for services given, and registration forms using Summit Medical Group’s safe and practical online patient portal.

You have the freedom to access your health records through the My SummitCare patient portal at Summit Pacific Medical Center at your convenience and in between visits to any of our hospital departments or two primary care clinics. For choices for enrolling and logging in, scroll down.


Summit Medical Group Patient Portal

With the use of the new patient portal from Summit Medical Group, patients can now request and view appointments and send messages.

They can also request prescription refills, view test results, and bill online without having to call or wait on hold.

To access the Summit Medical Group Patient Portal, follow the steps below

▸ First, visit their official website >


▸ When the web page loads, you can either create a new account or log in to your existing account.

▸ Next, follow the prompt that says ‘Login or Register to the Patient Portal’ with an arrow facing the right.

You will be taken to the login page

▸ To access your portal, click on “Log in with Athenahealth”

▸ Next, input your details in the boxes shown on the screen. Your username and password.

▸ After you’ve done this, then click on Login

You now have access to your patient portal.


What is Better, EMR or PHR?

The EHR is classified as an inter-organizational system, whereas EMR is typically thought of as an internal organizational system [1].

Personal health records (PHR) are online platforms used by patients that are intended to increase information transparency and improve patient engagement [2].

How to Choose an EMR?

▸ Create a list of requirements.

▸ Analyze your budget.

▸ Only consider specialty-specific EMR systems.

▸ Systems architecture.

▸ Ensure the EMR System has been certified.

▸ Get advice from other physicians and staff.

▸ Decide how much support you will require.

Why are Emrs So Bad?

When sensitive patient data is stored in the cloud, as many EMRs do, there aren’t enough security measures in place to prevent hacking.

All data may be lost if a technical issue arises and your remote EMR program does not have the data backed up.

How Do Third-Party Companies Integrate With a Hospital’s EMR?

The EMR vendors tend to write their APIs to the specific companies who need their software to interact with the EMR.

What is Medical Transcription Service and How is it Beneficial?

The manual conversion of voice reports dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals into text format is known as medical transcription (MT).

Typically, the voice files with dictation of medical papers from healthcare practitioners are sent to the MT team of a hospital. After that, the voice files are transformed into text.


What is the Current Status of EMR/EHR Adoption in India?

The Indian government is considering keeping medical records online. This will soon be implemented across all healthcare services.

When Will Ehealth Be Fully Operational?

More and more nations today want to change healthcare to adopt a digital strategy. The global eHealth market is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 14.5% from 2023 to 2027, reaching $230.64, per Allied Market Research.

Why Should I Use an Expert Medical Billing Service?

An expert in medical billing can identify whether a mistake was made and assist the doctor in fixing it so that the billing will be accepted.

A billing specialist can produce a report outlining the reasons why the right CPT code appears on the billing if it does not appear on the invoice.

How Data is Used in Healthcare?

Big Data Analytics can shed light on clinical data and help decision-makers make well-informed choices on patient diagnosis and care, illness prevention, and other issues.

By utilizing the data potential, big data analytics can also increase the effectiveness of healthcare organizations [3, 62].

What is Ehealth?

Since at least 1999, eHealth (sometimes spelled e-health) has been a relatively new healthcare practice backed by electronic procedures and communication.

What Can Servicenow Do in the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare organizations may streamline operations, dismantle organizational silos, and improve patient care with the help of ServiceNow, which also offers digital workflows for clinical teams.

What is Medical Transcription?

The manual conversion of voice reports dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals into text format is known as medical transcription (MT).


How is Technology Used in the Field of Medical Science?

The medical field can learn new things about therapies, data collection, symptom and illness research, cure research, and human helping gadgets by applying technology. The medical field is now highly accessible to individuals because to technology.

How to Get a Physician E-Mail List?

▸ Find Doctors Contact Information on

▸ Find Doctors by Doing a Google Search.

▸ Find Doctors on Linkedin.

▸ Find Doctors on Medical Website Directories, or on Their Own Physician Website.

▸ Find Doctors on Facebook.

What Does PEARL Stand for in Medical Terms?

Pupils Equal And Reactive to Light.

Are there any Free Online Courses For Medical Transcription?

Online service directory also provides a free training program. Some of the vocabulary and fundamental abilities required to work in the field of medical transcribing are outlined in the course materials.

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