4 signs that tells you you’re brushing your teeth too hard

Some believe they must brush really hard to eliminate plaque from their teeth. However, plaque is so delicate that it may be removed with a towel. A toothbrush is required since a towel cannot reach all corners of your mouth. So, no need for extreme pressure, just a thorough brushing all over your lips.

In this article, we’ll show you 4 signs that you’re brushing your teeth too hard.

Your gums are starting to recede.

An over-brushing may significantly damage our teeth’s enamel. Enamel damage may cause gum recession, putting tooth roots in jeopardy. Then you may require fillings, root canals, or possibly tooth extraction. Dental professionals estimate that 10-20% of the global population suffers gum damage from over-brushing.

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The bristles of your toothbrush look worn out.

Brush abrasion is the most frequent cause of dental abrasion, thus many individuals brush incorrectly. They harm the teeth by brushing too forcefully or using harsh-bristled toothbrushes. So if your toothbrush appears worn out after a few weeks, you’re using it too hard. That’s true, but it should still be in good shape.

The teeth near your gums aren’t very bright or shiny.

Teeth are darker beneath the gums because they lack enamel protection. That’s why, when your gums recede, your teeth seem yellower or darker. Without enamel, they’re vulnerable to germs and bacteria. Thus, the issue extends to the overall health of your teeth.

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Your teeth are way too sensitive.

Similar to receding gums, brushing away enamel may make teeth uncomfortable. Because the roots of your teeth are exposed, the nerves are struck severely. If you can’t drink hot or cold beverages or eat hard foods, see your doctor. Start cleaning your teeth with greater calm and softness.

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