How to Check TATU Admission List Online 2023/2024

Are you wondering how to check TATU admission list? Fear not, as the process is straightforward. Just follow the steps outlined here to check your name on the Tamale Technical University admission list and also print your acceptance letter.

How to Check TATU Admission List

How to Check TATU Admission List

The admission list for the Tamale Technical University is now available online. So if you applied to the university, follow the steps below to check your name on the list.

1. Visit the Kumasi Technical University Online application portal.

Start by going to the official TATU website. Navigate to the admissions section where the TATU Admission List is typically posted.

2. Select Your Programme

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Look for the admissions section and find the dropdown list that allows you to select your desired programme. Click on it and chose the program you applied for.

3. Enter Your First Name or Last Name

Once you’ve chosen your programme, enter either your first name or last name into the provided space. This step helps personalize the search for your admission status.

4. Click on the Search Button

With your name entered, click on the search button. This action will prompt the system to retrieve your admission status information.

How to Print Your Acceptance Letter

Congratulations if the search reveals positive news! Now, let’s proceed to print your acceptance letter.

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1. Navigate to the Designated Section

Look for the section on the website that specifically deals with acceptance letters. This might be labeled as “Print Acceptance Letter” or a similar term.

2. Enter Your Details Again

Enter the necessary details, such as your admission number or application ID. This ensures that the acceptance letter generated is unique to you.

3. Print Your Acceptance Letter

Once you’ve provided the required information, hit the print button. Make sure to keep a hard copy for your records and future reference.

How do I Check My Tamale Technical Results?

1. Navigate to the official Tamale Technical University website and find the login section to access your academic information.

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2. Input your assigned index number into the designated field on the login page to allow the system to retrieve your individual academic records.

3. Safely provide your password in the specified field, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your confidential academic information.

4. Click the login button after entering your index number and password to initiate the system’s processing and display of your academic results.

Just follow the simple steps outlined above to check your name on the admission list. It is just a straightforward process that doesnt require you to much. Congratulations if you make it to the list!

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