North China Electric Power University Scholarships 2023|Fully-Funded

North China Electric Power University Scholarships 2023|Fully-Funded: However, designed to fully fund your studies, these scholarships provide unparalleled opportunities for aspiring scholars to excel in their chosen fields. Hence, you will have everything that is available to know about these scholarships as you continue reading.

North China Electric Power University Scholarships 2023|Fully-Funded


North China Electric Power University Scholarships

The North China Electric Power University Scholarships are not just fully funded, but multiple kinds of scholarships are available to students worldwide.

However, these scholarships are centered in North China Electric Power University (NCEPU) which is a national key university under the Double First-Class University Plan.


Hence, its main campus is in Beijing with other campuses located in Hebei and Baoding provinces.

Nevertheless, the university was established in 1958 and has moved to become one of the well-known top universities in China.

However, the school coordinates several scholarships that will be outlined here as you read further.

And there are also benefits to different levels of programs in the university.


Available Scholarships

So, the North China Electric Power University Scholarships have different categories and funding.

Furthermore, all successful candidates of any of the below scholarships will study at NCEPU.

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1. Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS)

The Chinese Government Scholarships support only Master’s and Ph.D. students in their program.

However, this scholarship is a Fully-Funded scheme.

Click Here to apply.

2. Beijing Government Scholarships (BGS)

This is meant for only Bachelor’s degrees. And however, it is Partly funded and provides the first year’s tuition fee only.

Click Here to apply.

3. International Education Institute Scholarship (IEIS)

The International Education Institute Scholarship only supports Bachelor’s degrees. Hence, it provides full or partial tuition fees.

Click Here to apply.

4. Confucius Institute Scholarships (CIS)

This scholarship is available for short language courses only. However, it supports only the Chinese language.

Hence, the study period can be four weeks, one semester, or one year. The application duration depends on the local Confucius Institute.

The scheme is also a Fully-Funded scholarship.

However, click Here to apply.

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The North China Electric Power University has a course duration in each department.

Also, scholarships are available in the school and cover the undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. studies from these departments.

1. Department of Automation

2. Computer Science and Technology Department

3. Department of Economics and Trade

4. Finance and Accounting Department

5. Department of Electric Power Engineering

6. Foreign Languages Department

7. Department of Information Engineering

8. Also, the Department of Law and Politics

9. Thermal Power Engineering Department

10. Department of Mathematics and Physics

However, in line with this, the undergraduate degree has a duration of 4-5 years

  • The Master’s degree duration is 2-3 year
  • The doctoral degree duration is 4-6 years.

Schools of Studies

1. School of Foreign Languages

2. Also, School of Science and Technology

3. Control and Computer Engineering School

4. School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

5. Energy and Power Engineering School

6. And the School of Human and Social Science

 North China Electric Power University Scholarship Eligibility

Here, you must understand that there are rules guiding the North China Electric Power University Scholarship.

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So, as we list out the eligibility criteria, do well to check if you fit in.

1. The candidate must not be a Chinese

2. Undergraduate applicants must however have a high school degree and be under 30 years

3. Hence, Master’s degree applicants must have a BSc from an accredited school and be under the age of 35

4. Doctoral degree applicants must have a Master’s degree from a reputable school and must be under 40

6. However, the candidate must not apply for any other scholarship

7. Finally, you must have an excellent academic background

The Application Process

To submit your application for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS)

However, candidates should submit applications to CSC through a related local government department.

Please Click Here to apply.

Finally, China has become one of the top destinations for international students that wants to go further in their studies.

However, the North China Electric Power University Scholarships can be the breakthrough you need now if you have longed to live and study in China.

Hence, use the available to you to explore your chances.


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