How to Check UPSA Admission List Online 2023/2024

Discover the step-by-step process on how to check UPSA admission list effortlessly. Uncover your admission status and start your academic journey with confidence.

How to Check UPSA Admission List


How to Check the UPSA Admission List

The moment you have been waiting for to see if you made it into the University of Professional Studies Accra is right here. Follow the steps below to check your name on the list:

1. Access the UPSA Admission Portal


Checking out the official UPSA admission portal is the first step in this search. Go to the admissions section of their website. Usually, it is shown very clearly on the home page.

2. Locate the Admission List Page

Locate the right page on the admission portal that contains the admission list. This could be called “Check Admission Status,” “Admission List,” or something similar. Look for any tabs or dropdown menus that could point you in the correct direction.

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3. Input Your Details


This is where it gets important. You will likely be asked to enter some personal information on the admission list page. Your application number, last name, or other identifying information may be included in this.

Verify the details again to make sure they are correct.

4. Hit the Search/Check Button

After inputting your information, look for the search or check button. This is the magic button that will reveal your UPSA admission status. Click it and brace yourself for the moment of truth.

5. Review Your Admission Status

Once you’ve hit the button, the UPSA admission list will be displayed. Scan through the list carefully to find your name. Your admission status—whether accepted, pending, or rejected—will be indicated.

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Additional Tips for a Smooth Experience

1. If you encounter any technical issues, consider trying the process on a different browser.

2. Double-check your internet connection to ensure a smooth and quick experience.

3. If you face difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach out to the UPSA admission support for assistance.

How do I Log into My UPSA Student Portal?

1. Start by visiting your UPSA student portal.

3. Then enter your index number (e.g., 100230343) in the username textbox.

3. Also enter your current password during the first login or after activation.

4. Click on the ‘Login’ button to gain instant access to UPSA-Virtual.

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5. Make sure that your password is secure. It will give you a protected and personalized login experience.

6. Go for compatible browsers like Chrome or Firefox for an easy login process.

7. Double-check your index number and password before clicking ‘Log in’ to avoid any issues.

Congratulations if you find your name on the UPSA admission list! If not, remember that there are always alternative paths and opportunities.

Checking the admission list is a crucial step, but it’s just the beginning of your exciting academic journey. Good luck!


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