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How Some Fruits Are Poisonous

Fruits with poisonous seeds that should never be eaten.

Fruits are loved by many people because of their nutritious and tasty nature.

Most fruits are packed with seeds and some of these seeds are nutritious while others may be harmful.

Most stone fruits like cherries, apples, and peaches contain poisonous seeds which could harm you.

Try as much as possible to throw these away because they are not edible. I will share fruits that are packed with poisonous seeds.

Below are the fruits.


1. Cherries.

Cherries may be small in size but they are very nutritious.

When consuming cherry, you might be tempted to enjoy the succulent part along with the seed.

The seed of cherries shouldn’t be eaten because they are poisonous.


2. Apple.

Apple is a popular fruit loved by many people.

This fruit is packed with seeds that should never be eaten.

The poison present in this seed makes it unfit for consumption.

After consuming the succulent part of the apple, kindly throw away the seeds.


3. Peaches.

This is a type of stone fruit known for its great and unique taste.

You can enjoy your fruit but you have to go away with the seeds.

This is because peach seeds contain amygdalin, a poisonous substance that could harm you.


4. Apricots.

Apricot just look like apples, but apricot has one seed in the center. The hydrogen cyanide present in apricot makes it poisonous for consumption.

Just enjoy the fleshy part of the apricot and throw away the seeds.

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