How To Cure Infections With Garlic

Garlic is known for its antibiotic qualities. Allicin — the major biologically active component of garlic — exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties and is used in medical treatment and studies.


Step By Step Preparation

1. Get a good-sized garlic clove.


2. Remove the garlic clove’s bottom rough end (the part that was attached to the bulb).


3. Poke holes in garlic cloves with a fork (I usually poke the cloves four times with the fork to get about 16 holes around the clove).


4. Set aside on the counter for 15 minutes. Allicin is a health-promoting chemical found in garlic, but it only appears when the garlic is exposed to air. I’m not sure how garlic helped with my yeast infections, but I always made sure to take this step just in case allicin was the answer. This is also a wonderful idea for cooking with garlic – cut and let it sit for a while.

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5. Coat the entire garlic clove in coconut oil or lube (if coconut oil isn’t available). If you don’t coat it in anything, the garlic will burn your delicate skin like a bitch when you shove it up there (trust me, I’ve done it) – and we don’t want it to burn any more than it already is.


6. I personally go as far as my pointer finger will allow. I believe I have a medium cervix and a medium-sized vaginal canal. I saw on the internet that some girls would wrap floss (unflavored/unwaxed) around the garlic clove and leave a portion of the string hanging out so it wouldn’t get ‘lost.’

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7. Leave it overnight or for the rest of the day, then remove it with your fingers OR bear down. Basically, if you sit on the toilet and push like you would during a bowel movement, the garlic will either come out or migrate farther down the canal on its own.


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