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How To Treat Sleeping Disorder

As the name sounds, “Sleeping disorder” is medically called an “Insomnia” which simply means Difficulty with falling asleep.

Many beliefs that this Disorderliness will stop as time goes but the truth shows persistence occurs if not carefully and mindfully treated.

came to notice more than 25% of people of my environment complains getting rolled over 4years persisting with insomnia.


Effects of insomnia (Sleeping Disorder):

Causes of insomnia

1. Psychological issues:


* Slow reaction time

* Risk of Depression

* Risk of anxiety disorder

* low performance


2. Poor functioning of immune system


3. Risk of Diabetes

4. Risk of Heart Disease

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5. High blood pressure.



Common Treatment of Insomnia:

Pills for insomnia


1. Sleeping Hygiene: Yes, the perfect Home treatment used for Sleeping difficulty is sleep hygiene.

keeping your bedroom quiet at night and maintaining silence by turning off electronic devices before going to bed simply analyse series of good sleeping habits.


2. Cognitive behavioral therapy: This is recommended as the gold-standard treatment by Physicians and sleping medical therapist.


3. Sleeping pills: Virtualy people are conversant with this approach to sleep. Although these medications work for many people, others find that they actually diminish the quality of their sleep and interfere with normal sleep cycles.

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4 .Another effective approach is tipical mindfulness-based practices and mind-body movement practices like yoga.


5. Dietary supplements such as valerian, melatonin, chamomile, and cannabis, but there is efficacy to this, therefore you should always tell your doctor if you are taking any dietary supplements, as these may interact with other prescription medications.

Did you know Insomnia is a common issue for people with a psychiatric disorder?


Nature canonot be cheated. Getting adequate Sleep and rest increases Your blood flowing properly which allows brain to functionaly active.


someone with Sleeping disorder are mostly depressed.

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