How Lemon Is Beneficial To Health


This amazing fruit has disinfecting, strengthening and lightening abilities, that can be used on your hair, skin and nails.


Here are 7 uses of lemon you probably haven’t tried before:



Face Tonic

Lemon juice is a great face tonic. It makes your skin shinier and stronger. You can apply lemon juice to your face with a cotton pad, it’s best to do this before you go to bed. In the morning, just wash your face as normal and apply sunscreen. You’ll see results within a couple of days.



Lip Moisturizer

Many factors can cause chapped lips: cold air, naturally dry skin, or perhaps you don’t get enough vitamins. All of these things aren’t good for your lips. Lucky for you, there’s an easy cure – lemon.



Just apply a little drop of lemon juice on your lips before bed. If you do this for a few days you’ll notice that your lips feel more in and have stopped peeling.


Hair Lightening

If you want to lighten your hair in 1 or 2 tones, just apply lemon juice to your hair and go for a walk in the sun. Your hair will soon become a lighter colour, and it’ll look like you have natural highlights. No need for chemical bleach and hairdressers. For best results do this once a week.


Black Spots Remedy

Lemon juice is famous for its antibacterial qualities and is a great product to use on oily skin. Lemon juice can penetrate the deeper levels of epidermis and naturally detoxify your skin.



All you have to do is apply lemon juice on your skin for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. It’s best to do this procedure in the evening and avoid going to the beach the next day.


Forget About Pigment Spots

Bad diet, acne, sun – all these things can harm your skin and cause hyperpigmentation.



To lighten the dark spots, try applying a bit of lemon juice onto the affected area for 15 minutes twice a week. Always wash the lemon juice off afterwards and use sunscreen.


Nail Strengthening And Lightening

Nail polishes and household chemicals can weaken your nails and make them appear darker.



Try applying a mixture of 2 teaspoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice onto your nails occasionally. The lightening results will be immediate! Strengthening will take time and repetition, but you’ll see those results in a couple of weeks.


Natural Deodorant

Sweat actually is odourless, it’s the bacteria that causes the bad smell. Lemon juice is great at killing germs. Plus, lemon juice is great at lightening skin, so you can use it to lighten your armpits.



Mix lemon juice with honey and oatmeal and apply it onto your armpits, use it as a scrub or leave it on as a mask for up to an hour, then wash off. If you use this method regularly you’ll notice that the skin on your armpits will become lighter and fresher.


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