How To Make Your Laptop Charger Last

Before Your Laptop Charger burn or damage You Will See These Signs; See How To Prevent It.

I want to reveals some secrets I discovered about laptop charger. Did you know that before a laptop charger get burnt, there must be a sign?



Actually laptop charger use to give signs before getting burnt. But if you are smart enough you can prevent it. Things That Burn Laptop Chargers. Naked wire can damage laptop chargers, so avoid naked wire. The light capacity is the major reason laptop charger burn. Either the capacity is too high or too low, the current must be normal. How to Know if the Current/ Voltage is Not Normal.

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Note: Place your ear very close to your charger if there is any sound like sparking etc, disconnect the charge immediately because any moment from then, the charger will burn.

How To Prevent Charger From Getting Burnt.

Fix the naked wire if you have any check the electric or generator capacity before plugging your charger if the voltage is too high don’t plug it, you can try if the capacity is low but make sure that your ear is close to the charger at that moment, immediately you hear any sound like insect from the charger just unplug it immediately if not after few minutes you might lost your charger.

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I hope you know how to prevent your laptop charger from getting burnt now?

Before a laptop charger burn it will make noise for few minutes but if you are not sensitive you will not take note untill it burn.






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