List of Fully Funded Scholarships in France 2023 | Study in France

The List of Fully Funded Scholarships in France 2023 presents a comprehensive list of scholarship opportunities available for international students intending to study in France. These scholarships however offer full financial support, covering tuition fees, living expenses, and sometimes travel costs. Read through for more information on the subject matter.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships in France 2023 | Study in France


Fully Funded Scholarships in France

A full-funded scholarship awaits you, and this offer goes to both local and international students.

Furthermore, students that desire to study at the List of Fully Funded Scholarships in France but couldn’t due to financial constraints now apply for the ongoing scholarship.


All interested students should immediately apply so as to choose what they desire.

However, all applicants should go through this with measure, as this will offer you an already arranged of List of Fully Funded Scholarships in France.

Hence, to ease stress for application for any of the fully funded scholarships in France which is for both local/international students.

How to Apply for Scholarships in France

Before you apply for France Scholarship do the following:


1. You must research available scholarships and their requirement and explore government, university, and private organizations’ scholarships.

2. Review the eligibility criteria for each scholarship. Ensure that you meet the requirements regarding nationality, academic performance, language proficiency, and field of study.

3. However, ensure your credentials, like academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and language proficiency test scores (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS) are readily available.

4. Visit the scholarship provider’s website and carefully follow the application instructions.

5. Complete the application form and submit it with the required documents before the deadline. And must be up-to-date information.

6. Hence, keep track of your application and make sure the scholarship provider receives all documents as you may need to attend an interview request.

7. While waiting for scholarship results, explore alternative funding sources, such as part-time jobs, student loans, or grants, to ensure financial support during your studies in France.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships in France 2023

  • Scholarship Country: France
  • Degree Level: Bachelor, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Funded

Emile Boutmy Scholarship in France

This Scholarship is available at the Science Po University in France.

However, the Scholarship program is meant for students from outside the European Union to Pursue Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Degree Programs.

However, to Know More About Emile Boutmy Scholarship

Click Here to Apply

Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence

This Scholarship is Funded and Created by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The Scholarship is however available for Masters and PhDs. Studies.

However, Eiffel Scholarship is a French Government Scholarship that covers all Expenses.

The call will open again in October 2023. Hence, to get more about Eiffel Scholarship

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French Scholarships offered by the Ministry of Higher Education

This Scholarship from the French Ministry of Higher Education to Study Doctoral Degree Programs in France. How, for More Information:

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Excellence Major Scholarships

This Scholarship is Co-financed by the Agency for French Education Abroad and Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Hence, it Allows International Students to pursue their Higher Studies in France.

However, to know more about Excellence Major Scholarship:

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Erasmus+ Program

The Erasmus Program is Funded by the European Commission. It is available for International Students to Study in Master’s Degree Programs.

However, go to the website of Erasmus and Select Country France.

Hence, to know more About Erasmus Scholarship in France

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282 Masters, and Ph.D. Scholarships in France

Roundabout Fully Funded 282 Masters Ph.D. Post Doc Scholarships in France are however open in French Universities in almost every academic field/Major.

However, most of the Scholarships and Training Positions are Fully Funded.

Hence, for More Information:

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Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

These Scholarships are offered in order to however allow International Students to Pursue their Master’s Degrees from the University.

French Foreign Ministry Scholarships

However, the French Ministry awards Scholarships to all International Students from any country.

Hence, by the Ministry in the framework of Eiffel (for Master’s or Doctoral level studies) or Major programs.

Furthermore, for More Information:

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Top Universities to Study in France without IELTS:

1. American Business School, Paris

2. EBS Paris

3. EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science

4. ESAIP School of Engineers

5. ESC Rennes School of Business, France

6. ESGCI, Paris

7. ESLSCA Business School

8. IESA International

9. INSEEC Business School

10. ISC Paris

11. NEOMA Business School

12. Paris School of Business

13. SKEMA Business School

14. Toulouse Business School

How to Get Selected Without IELTS in France

Once your Profile is however Shortlisted, you are interviewed on Skype or any video Interview to gauge your English Language abilities.

However, to get admission to Universities in France without IELTS, you have to crack this interview in the Best Possible Manner.

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Finally, the List of Fully Funded Scholarships in France 2023 serves as a valuable guide for international students seeking financial assistance to pursue their academic desire in France.

Hence, these scholarships offer a remarkable opportunity to study in one of the world’s most renowned education destinations without worrying about financial barriers.

Start exploring however the available opportunity that you have right now after reading this piece.


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