EPSRC Funded Project PhD Scholarships 2023 – University Of Liverpool, UK

EPSRC Funded Project Ph.D. Scholarships 2023 – University Of Liverpool, has embarked on a breathtaking research adventure, with the EPSRC Funded Project PhD Scholarships 2023 at the esteemed University of Liverpool, UK. However, you’ll get to know everything about this scholarship.

EPSRC Funded Project PhD Scholarships 2023, University of Liverpool


EPSRC Funded Project Ph.D. Scholarships

The EPSRC Funded Project Ph.D. Scholarships for 2023 at the University of Liverpool present an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring researchers.

However, it is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, these scholarships offer financial assistance and resources for doctoral students to contribute to groundbreaking projects in various fields.


Hence a focus on innovation, scientific advancements, and technological breakthroughs, these scholarships give a platform for students to carry out research.

Here is a full-funded scholarship that awaits you in the UK, and this offer goes to both local and international students.

Scholarship Benefits

The University of Nottingham will award this studentship to eligible students for 4 years in total that will provide UK tuition fees and maintenance at the Doctoral Stipend rate (£15,609 per annum, 2023/2024).

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Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should have, or be expected to obtain, a minimum of a 2.1 undergraduate degree and/or Masters qualification.

And hold exceptional work experience in a related field (Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, or any other numerate subjects).

However, it is not necessary that an applicant has completed their current course of study before applying.

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Hence, if an applicant has not completed their current course of study, any offer may be conditional on the eventual degree classification.

Application Procedure

1. To apply for this Studentship please follow the DA CDT Application Instructions.

2. Submit an application for an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. via the University of Liverpool’s online Ph.D. application platform apply and provide the project title and supervisor details when prompted.

3.  Hence, should you wish to apply for more than one project, please provide a ranked list of those you are interested in.

Scholarship Description

EPSRC Funded Project Ph.D. Scholarships 2023 – University of Liverpool, UK is open for International Students, Domestic Students.

Hence, the EPSRC Funded Project PhD Scholarships allows a Ph.D. level program (s) in the field of Mathematics, Computing Science taught at the University of Liverpool.

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The University of Liverpool is offering Ph.D. scholarships for the EPSRC Funded Project. These scholarships will be provided to students who will show excellent academic progress and are eligible for research programs.

However, the University will also accept the application from students with non-standard qualifications who can demonstrate knowledge, experience, and skills developed in the workplace, or elsewhere, relevant to the CDT vision.

Lastly, students will be provided with a Doctoral Stipend rate (£15,609 per annum) until the project is completed.

Finally, the EPSRC Funded Project Ph.D. Scholarships for 2023 at the University of Liverpool, UK, offer an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring researchers to delve into groundbreaking projects and also contribute to scientific advancements.

You should however be exploring this opportunity if you have read through this piece.


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