5 Places on Your Body to Use Deodorants Besides Your Armpits

Most individuals use deodorants to decrease perspiration and unpleasant odor on their armpits. Deodorants, on the other hand, are capable of much more.

So we went on a hunt and discovered five more places on our bodies that may benefit from using deodorant on a regular basis.

On your feet

Sweat is odorless, but as it dries on your skin, it may lead to the transmission of harmful bacteria and viruses. Deodorant may be applied on your feet in addition to keeping them clean. It will keep them fresher and drier for longer.

On your inner thighs

Extreme heat, diabetes, and anxiety may cause sweaty legs. This may cause bruises or chafes on your thighs making it difficult to put on our regular pants.

So putting deodorant (containing aluminum chloride) on your inner thighs may save your lives. Women should however not let it touch their sensitive areas.

On your nails to remove polish

Most nail polish removers include acetone, which may dry up nails and cuticles if used often. So, next time you remove your manicure, use your spray deodorant. Simply spray it on your nails from a close distance and wipe it off with a cotton ball.

On mosquito bites

Most people’s initial reaction is to scratch mosquito bites. Dr. Steven Garner advises slapping the sting or even applying an ice cube to it. If you don’t have either, apply your roll-on deodorant to the afflicted region. Aluminum chloride in deodorants soothes itching and redness.

Anywhere on your body after shaving with a razor

Redness or discomfort is very frequent after shaving legs, bikini region, or armpits. If you can’t obtain aloe vera, use your deodorant stick. Choose an unscented stick that will relieve itching and reduce redness in 2 days. Avoid products containing alcohol and look for a deodorant that is moisturizing.

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