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Why you shouldn’t use a towel to dry your face

Your toilet seat may seem like the most germ-laden thing in your house, but it isn’t. In fact, towels are the most bacterially dense, thus using them to wipe your face may be harming your skin. And although wiping your face with a towel may seem reasonable, it may really do more damage than good.

And if you’re wondering what to use instead, don’t miss the bonus at the conclusion of the post.

Why you shouldn’t use a towel to dry your face

Your skin may age more quickly.

Terry fabric bath towels are excessively abrasive on the face, causing micro-tears that expose the skin to infections and wrinkles. As the towels become brittle, the friction they generate serves as an exfoliator, which may be too harsh for your skin.

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It decreases the efficacy of skincare products.

While drying your face after washing it may seem natural, it will prevent your skin from benefiting from the products you apply to it. Your moisturizer will better enter the skin before it dries up. By not towel drying, your skincare products may seal in the moisture your skin needs to shine.

It can irritate your skin.

Towels aren’t the greatest choice for sensitive skin. Wiping your face with most towel materials may cause skin redness and irritation.

It can make your skin oily.

Contrary to popular belief, drying your skin may make it more oily. Because rough towels may remove natural oils from your skin, sebaceous glands under the skin’s surface will have to generate extra oil to compensate, resulting in greasy skin.

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How to dry you face without a towel

Let the air dry your face instead of a towel. Air-drying is more sanitary and gentle on the skin, and although it takes longer, your skin will thank you.

  • Face wash as normal.
  • Let your skin breathe.
  • Apply a moisturizer.

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