Mass General Patient Portal (Requirements and Login)

If you’re looking for the Mass General Patient Portal, click here for the official MGH Patient Portal Login, which includes a screenshot and a step-by-step tutorial.

Mass General Patient Portal


Mass General Patient Portal

All of the information about the Mass General Patient Site Login is just intended to help you use this guide to access the official portal.

In Boston’s storied Longwood Medical Area, there is a full-service hospital called the Mass General Brigham. Since 1898, it has been committed to providing care for the residents of Boston and the neighborhoods around it.


As an academic medical institution, Mass General Brigham provides a wide range of medical services, including advanced specialist care for numerous illnesses as well as general medical care.

How to Log in to the Mass General Patient Portal

Click on the link given below for MGH Patient Portal Login and follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Go to MGH Patient Portal Login Official Page at

Step 2: Enter Your Username and Password as You can see in the screenshot also.


Step 3: Enter the password created for MGH Patient Portal Login and press the login button.

Step 4: Now You can Access your Portal and Check Your Records

If You don’t have an account for MGH Patient Portal Login, create a new one using the link below.

▸ GO to the MGH Patient Portal Login  Account Creation Page by clicking the link below

▸ Go to

▸ Click on Sign Up/Register/ Create Account

▸ Enter Required Details Email, Phone Number, and whatever is required.

▸ after filling You all details which are required and later you can access the portal and manage your all records on the Patient Portal.

If you forgot MGH Patient Portal Login Password then reset it by the link given below.

1. Go to MGH Patient Portal Login  Page at

2. Click on MGH Patient Portal Login  forgot password/reset password link given below

3. Enter required details like Email id o User Name

4. Check Your email for Reset Link and OTP

5. Follow the next step and click on the links which you received and create a new password.


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