How To Check For Breast Cancer (breast self-exam)

A breast self-exam is a screening technique done by yourself at home to check for breast lumps. Breast self-exams help you to get familiar with the size, shape, and texture of your breasts. The importance of breast self-exams cannot be overemphasized as it helps determine a normal or abnormal feeling in the breast.


You might be wondering what you need a breast self-exam for! well, a breast self-exam is necessary to help check for: cysts, tumors, or other abnormalities in the breasts. Whenever you feel any form of abnormality in your breast, ensure you consult your doctor.

How To Perform a Breast Self-exam

To perform a breast self-exam, start by:

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A. Standing shirtless in front of a mirror with your hands at your sides. Use your eyes to carefully examine your breasts for the following:

i. Inverted nipples

ii. Change in size, shape, or symmetry

iii. Asymmetrical ridges at the bottom


iv. Dimpling

v. Puckering

B. With the pads of your fingers, examine your breasts while laying down and also in the shower. The lather in the shower will allow your fingers to gently glide over your skin.

C. Taking your time while applying varying pressure, massage your breasts in a spiral pattern with your fingers starting from the nipple. Work your way up to the top of your breast close to the collarbone, then to the center by your breastbone, and the sides close to your armpit.

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Do this by placing one arm over your head while massaging your breast with the other hand.

D. Finally, gently squeeze your nipples to check for discharge


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