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15 Undergraduate Scholarships for English Students in 2024

Are you a student searching for scholarships or grants to support your educational needs? If so, undergraduate scholarships for English students are available across various categories, and offered by different organizations see the list below.

Undergraduate Scholarships For English Students


Undergraduate Scholarships for English Students

The undergraduate scholarships and grants for English students are available for both local and international students. Interested students should start searching for the one that suits them.

Applications for Undergraduate Scholarships For English Students are now open. Just take your time and go through this post, we’ve all the information you need and listed the top scholarships for international students.


Here are the top 15 Undergraduate Scholarships for Students to apply.

1. ACES Merv Aubespin Scholarship

In honour of the former president, ACES awards the Merv Aubespin scholarship of between $1,000 and $2,500 to five outstanding students specializing in advanced English, journalism, creative writing, or a career in communication.

Eligible candidates must have at least junior standing, attend a recognized US institution,  complete a full-time job or internship and maintain good academic performance.

The application must contain a copy of the work on its processing, two letters of recommendation, 5-10 original titles and 750 personal essays.


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2. Anne Trabue Scholarship Fund

The Anne Trabue Scholarship Fund was established by the WSCGA in 1954 to celebrate the legacy of the famous founder and journalist who played golf with noble charm.

Eligible beneficiaries must be women who have graduated from high school, played golf, lived in Southern California, and entered a recognized American university.

Also, have a minimum GPA of 3.2, and regular students, studying for a bachelor’s degree in English, or English journalism, a candidate’s athletic ability, participation in an after-school program, and academic goals.

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3. Bob and Marion Braden scholarship

Every year, starting in 2006, the Oklahoma Press Association awards the Bob and Marion Braden scholarship of $ 1,000 for the achievements of publishers and fellow publishers in Cleveland, America, in the USA, selected by Oklahoma.

To participate in the program, candidates must be at least in a senior year, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism or English, enrol in a regular University of Oklahoma, and begin a career in a newspaper after completing the course.

The application will not be submitted without a summary of the writing experience, letter of recommendation and personal application.

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4. Bobette Bibo Gugliotta Memorial Scholarship

The Grant Bobette Bibo Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF), which manages Gugliotta, was named after the author who developed the idea of Mickey Mouse.

This is for candidates who want to enrol at the University of San Mateo or Northern Santa Clara, California, who must study full-time at an accredited university to learn creative writing.

Interested students must apply, for two letters of recommendation, an official identity card, a signed personal statement, and two models of creative writing.

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5. Bodie McDowell scholarship

Bodie McDowell scholarships awards scholarships through the Outdoor Writers Association of America of $1,000–5,000 per year.

Also, three or more students with a declared major in Science degree in communication sciences, English, journalism, broadcasting, photography, or creative writing.

Qualified candidates must be at least a junior level present in at least a tertiary institution in the United States, have demonstrated academic achievements, have direct knowledge in the field, and have experience in communication.

The application must have two personal essay pages with information about formal writing jobs done by the person, outdoor writing, and career goals.

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6. Karl and Christina Hübner Scholarship

As part of the Northeast Michigan Community Foundation, the scholarship of Karl and Christina Hübner is awarded up to $3,000 per year to students of secondary schools or home students who are engaged in music, art, or performing arts.

Candidates must reside in Yosko County, Michigan, and be enrolled in an accredited four-year college with a minimum average score of 2.6 and have outstanding artistic talent.

You must provide a letter of introduction along with your application, a copy of the high school transcript, a personal application, and three recommendation letters.

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7. Wikoff Scholarship for Editorial Leadership

The Wikoff Leadership in Editing Scholarship provides $ 1,000 to high school graduates who are planning to get a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, English, writing, and other related fields.

Applicants would have to work in the NSPA newspapers, maintain an accumulated GPA of 3.5 and continue their pursuit in the said field.

The application form must be accompanied by three copies of the publication, publication, and recommendation letter from the newspaper consultant before the expiration date.

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8. Jeanne Robertson Scholarship

The Yana Robertson scholarship is awarded to a college student or instructor who has been selected to study English, communication, journalism, or speech each year for $ 5,000 in honour of the famous humorist and the president of the National Speaker Association (NSA).

Applicants should be enrolled in a recognized US tertiary institution, be entrepreneurs, devote themselves to verbal expression, and be at least in junior standing.

The application must be accompanied by an essay of 500 words about a career, letters of recommendation, an official school transcript, and speeches or presentations.

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9. Kathleen Fisher Memorial Scholarship

The Garden Writers Association (GWA) is an annual. Givers of scholarships to an expert in journalism, English, creative writing, gardening, or botany.

A student can annually win the Kathleen Fisher Memorial Fellowship. Qualified students must have at least a part-time job, and a minimum GPA of 3.0, in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, legal citizenship, a recognized college, and a communication career.

Applicants must submit faculty letters, formal college transcripts, and at least two published or unpublished writing works.

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10. Lambda Iota Tau Literature Scholarships

Lambda Iota Tau is part of the main English program offered by the American Literary Group of Literature, which awards from $1,000 to 2 to 4 students who specialize in literature, English, or art.

Eligible recipients must be high school graduates, attend state-funded public colleges, be appointed as a major contributor to US citizenship, and be selected among the top 35% in the class.

Graduates who have accomplished at least a 3.0 GPA or higher are also eligible.

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11. Mary Wollstonecraft Schally Scholarship

The Mary Wallstone Schally grant of $ 2500 is awarded annually by the Association of Horror Writers (HWA) and is intended for female volunteers who are pursuing a certificate in a creative field, writing, or English.

A woman who meets the requirements must be a legal resident in the United States, have a strong interest in the horror genre, demonstrate financial needs, demonstrate her potential in writing, and participate in at least one celebration each year.

The recipient has access to financial support for education, textbooks, online courses, written manuals, or special admission fees.

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12. Norma Ross Walter Scholarship

Norma Ross Walter Scholarship was founded in 1987 as editor of the California Sea Wave newspaper in the Second World War, which often participated in the Red Cloud.

This year, the Willilla Foundation Cater receives from 500 to 2000 dollars a year.

To qualify, a candidate must be a high school student, continue to study English, enrol in the College of Certified Professions in the State of Nebraska, fulfil their intellectual promises and demonstrate exceptional creativity.

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13. Reader’s Digest Foundation Scholarship

The United Negro College Fund(UNCF), in partnership with one of the most popular family magazines in the United States, provides grants from the Reader’s Digest Foundation to African-American students for communication, English, journalism, or a bachelor of arts degree.

Candidates must be juniors or seniors, be enrolled in a full-time UNCF graduate program, have an average score of at least 3.0, pass written exams, and make a report.

UNFC scholarships for English-speaking students include. Rety M. Ford and Michael Jackson scholarships.

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14. Richard G. Zimmerman Scholarship

The Richard Zimmerman Fellowship was named a former member of the National Press Club, who died in 2008.

The goal is to provide $ 5,000 a year to outstanding high school graduates who are planning to get a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or communication.

Candidates for this non-renewable task must have a GPA of at least 3.0, be enrolled in an accredited US college, and have insufficient financial support.

Candidates must submit three copies of their application using three letters of recommendation, a copy of an official transcript, a FAFSA form, a confirmation of receipt, and some work samples.

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15. Pen to Paper Scholarship for Storytellers

If you love creative writing as a form of communication, we encourage you to apply for the Pen to Paper Scholarship for Storytellers!

This scholarship is open to high school juniors and seniors graduating class of 2024 or 2025, undergraduate

Also, graduate students enjoy crafting stories and expressing ideas through the arrangement of words on paper.

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Undergraduate Scholarships for English Students offer valuable financial support for students at various educational levels. Share this information and follow us on our social media handles.


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