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Would you love to know more about the student portal login? Students use the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) Student Portal Login to get vital information from the university. student portal login

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The UEW Student Login Portal is designed to allow current and prospective students of the University to register for classes, pay fees, check results, apply for admission online, and view their admission list and status.

Perhaps, you can also pay acceptance fees, view transcripts, take extra credits, defer admission, and many other academic actions with ease.


The login page is where students enter a username and password to access at school’s programs and other learning-related resources and information is known as a student portal.

For instance, a student enrolled in an online certification program may use a student portal to access online course materials, including articles, lectures, and videos, on the school’s servers.

Student portals can offer details about the institution, upcoming events, course information, calendars, academic resources, and contact information.

As a result, the following are involved in using the student portal specifically:


1. Registration for UEW courses, payment of UEW fees, and checking semester grades.

2. Checking your UEW acceptance status and printing your admission letter;

3. Paying your acceptance fee;

4. Download your transcript from UEW.

5. Keeping track of the academic schedule during the semester, requesting additional credit hours, postponing admission, etc.

UEW Student Portal Login Procedure

To login to the portal follow the steps below:

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1. Open a web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

2. Please click on the link below to access the University of Education, Winneba student portal.

3. Enter your Student Number as your User ID and National ID as your Password (default or whatever you change it to)

4. When you log in successfully, your homepage will be shown.

5. To track the status of both your academic progress and fee payments at any moment, click the items as they are shown on your homepage or dashboard.


UEW Student Portal Login

1. To login to the UEW student click on the link

2. Then enter your Student ID/Serial Number and Password/Pin

3. When done! Click on the login.

UEW Student Portal Registration

Let’s look at the instructions below to learn how to sign up for a UEW ITS student portal account. You will receive a special Username upon registration for the UEW student portal.

Undoubtedly, in order to register and use the portal, you will need your UEW student email. Interestingly, the process is comparable to the UEW site or the entrance portal checker.

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Therefore, to get into your student portal, use this Username and a password.

To login to the student portal registration, you will need to log in the student portal login first as shown above.

Then enter your Student ID/Serial Number and Password/Pin

Afterward, you can proceed with the UEW online registration.

How to Get Your Forgotten UEW Student Portal Password

The University of Education, Winneba website is where you must go if you lose your password.

Now, if you have forgotten your password or misplaced it, then follow the steps below:

1. To reset your UEW student portal account, first, visit HERE.

2. Before you reset your UEW student portal login password, you must first confirm that your UEW email is current.

3. Third, the system will email a password reset link to you when you input your USERNAME and click the “Submit” button.

4. To set your UEW student password, open your email and click the activation link.

5. The final step is to input your new password, which will serve as your login information.

Remember to choose a login password that is simple for you to remember, or even better, write it down and save it safely for later use.

The UEW Virtual Learning Environment

It’s interesting how the institution created this platform for internet access to several key educational resources.

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The platform gives professors the chance to post the essential course materials online for students to access and study.

Now, follow the instructions below to learn how to use the UEW Virtual Learning Environment;

1. To access the UEW website or webpage, first, click HERE.

2. When you may access the UEW Virtual Learning Page.

3. Second, enter the name of your course in the page’s “Search Field.”

4. Third, select “Go” to bring up a selection of courses associated with your search keyword.

5. Now, select the specific course you are looking for.

UEW Notice Board Information

How do you check the UEW student site for news and updates?

In fact, the UEW Portal Login Page will contain the following Information.

When you register for a UEW Portal, you will also access a wealth of useful information.

As a result, we may find the following details on the UEW student portal:

1. We may see your news and updates on UEW Matriculation.

2. Your student’s UEW graduation or congregation information may be found on the UEW LMS portal login.

3. Again, you may locate your UEW fees information by logging into the students portal at

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