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When SASSA is Approved But No Payday?


When SASSA is approved but no payday? Through the URL provided below, Sassa applicants can simply follow the progress of their grant application, Read on to know more.

When SASSA is approved but no payday?


Anytime challenges arise with the Sassa application status-checking procedure, Sassa states: The Sassa application system is now processing millions of applications.


Therefore, viewing your present status requires time. Let’s discuss the problem that most folks have in order to solve it: No payment date has been approved for the SASSA R350 grant.

Find Out Whether Your Application Was Accepted or Not?

Visit the SRD website to check your Sassa Status.

  • After that take the proceeding outlined below.
  • Visit our home page. Verify the sassa status for the r350 payment dates.
  • Fill up the necessary information.
  • Click the submit button.
  • Whether your application is accepted or not, you will receive a notification.

What Does The Sassa Grant Approval Mean?

Your grant application will be accepted by Sassa if it is approved, and you will begin receiving payments from Sassa on a monthly basis.

If your R350 grant application has been granted, you must choose the grant payment method from the options given below, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) noted.

Following the approval of your R350 grant application, you must choose one of the following R350 grant payment options:

  • Pick ‘n Pay
  • Boxer
  • Checkers
  • Usave
  • Shoprite

When SASSA is Approved But No Payday?

The Sassa recommendation is that beneficiaries should regularly check their grants. Check your banking information to see if it is correct or incorrect if your Sassa grant has been accepted but has not yet been paid by Sassa or if a payment date has not been published.

Additionally, make sure that Sassa’s information and the information you gave match. Sassa added the following:

If your Sassa grant has been granted but there has been no mention of a payment date, it signifies that payment has not yet been processed but will shortly be handled.

According to SASSA sources, they are aware of the issue and are working to find a solution within their limits. Because there is no set  date for the Sassa COVID-19 R350 stipend.

Sassa beneficiaries must maintain their composure as they wait for payment. To be informed about Sassa’s announcement, simply keep an eye on her profile.

By assisting them, the Sassa offer their beneficiaries relief. According to a study carried out on behalf of SASSA, nearly 90% of grant recipients spent their money on food purchases, with power being the second most popular use of Sassa funds.

Only 9 million of the 14 million applicants for the SRD grant have been found to be deserving of it. based on Sassa’s report from the previous year.

The Factors Causing The Problem

If your Sassa grant has been granted but you have not received an SMS or pay time from a Sassa official, there may be several reasons for this, including the following:

Sassa is having issues with its affiliated bank. Beneficiaries of Sassa who use e-wallets or who recently switched from the post office system to an e-wallet encountered this issue with the most frequent request.

If you switch your payment method, you can also run into this issue. Incorrect information might cause the payment process to be delayed.

Therefore, always ensure that the name and account number of your bank account are listed on your ID documents. Since they have to assist thousands of consumers each day, the Sassa helpline is constantly backed up.

All applicants whose applications are granted would be paid even though their pay dates are not disclosed, according to Sassa, who also guaranteed that they must work with the recipients to resolve their concerns.



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