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SASSA: What To Do If R350 Grant Application Status is ‘IRP5 Registered


SASSA: What To Do If R350 Grant Application Status is ‘IRP5 Registered

Many applicants for SASSA’s R350 grant have been told that they were rejected because they are IRP5 registered. Are you confused by this? Well, you’re not alone. Keep reading to find out what SASSA has said about this issue.


Have you applied to receive SASSA’s Special Relief Distress Grant (SRD) but you’ve been rejected and confused about why you were rejected? SASSA’s Spokesperson provided an explanation.


If you check your R350 grant application status and it tells you that you were rejected because you’re IRP5 registered, this means that databases are picking you up as someone who pays tax which means you’re receiving an income.

You could also be seeing that you receive money through UIF which would then leave you to not qualify for the grant.

This is of course an issue as the main requirement to receive the SRD grant is to be unemployed and not be receiving any other incomes, grants or payments.

However, many South Africans who get this message have not worked for ages and are left confused.

Paseka Letsatsi, Spokesperson for SASSA, explained:


Unfortunately, if your name appears there, we as the South African Security Agency do not necessarily expertise of what UIF has or perhaps at Home Affairs … we cannot argue.

Letsatsi then encourages people to follow appeal processes so that they can attend to these issues.

The appeals process for the grant is open until 31 May 2024. This appeals cycle are for applicants who were rejected between February and April 2024.

SASSA introduced the SRD grant as a means of relief to those who were struggling during the National lockdown.

Although applications have now closed for the grant, payments will still continue to be paid.



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