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Department To Stop Employing Teaching Assistants


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Teaching Assistant


The Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) is recognised as a crucial programme in reducing youth unemployment in the country.  This is because it paved the way for at least 270 000 young people to become employed at schools in their local communities through the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI).


Young people were employed as teaching assistants and general school assistants. The initiative specifically catered to unemployed young people who were not involved in any education or training between the ages of 18 and 35 years old.

The initiative will come to an end soon and no new young people will be employed through it. The DBE said Phase 3 of the initiative is set to conclude at the end of August 2024, and has decided to close new appointments of assistants.

“The Education Department has taken a decision to close new appointments of assistants or replacements should a vacancy arise after 15 June 2024,” explained the department.

The department added that the upcoming supplementary Grade 12 examinations also played a role in their decision to halt the programme.


“Furthermore, there would not be sufficient time to provide the youth with the necessary orientation and training, which will aid the new appointees to gain meaningful work experience,” concluded the department.


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