Which Bank Can I Get GIJ Forms to Buy From?

Which Bank Can I Get GIJ Forms to Buy From? Find out which banks and sources you can obtain the GIJ forms from. Learn about the payment details in this informative guide.

Which Bank Can I Get GIJ Forms to Buy From?


Are you interested in pursuing your education at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ)?

If so, it’s essential to understand the admission process and how to obtain the GIJ admission forms.


Here, we will provide valuable information on where to get the GIJ forms and payment details. Let’s dive in!

Which Bank Can I Get GIJ Forms to Buy From?

GIJ forms can be purchased from Fidelity Bank.

To purchase GIJ admission forms, you can obtain an Application Voucher from Fidelity Bank.

Once you have obtained the Application Voucher, you can proceed with the application process.


But before applying to the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), it is important to know the cost associated with the admission form.

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Cost of GIJ Online Admission Forms

Knowing the cost in advance will help you plan and budget accordingly. The cost of GIJ online admission forms varies depending on the category of applicants:

1. Direct Applicants – GH¢200.00

2. Mature Applicants – GH¢300.00

3. All Post-Diploma Applicants – GH¢200.00

4. International Applicants – $100.00

Please note the respective fees and make the necessary payment while purchasing the GIJ admission forms.

How to Apply for GIJ Admission Forms

To start the application process, follow these simple steps:

1. Pay the Application Fee

a. Visit any Fidelity Bank branch and provide your name (as it will appear on your application) and telephone number.

b. Pay the required application fee at the bank.

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c. The bank will provide you with a voucher card that contains the serial number and pin you will use to log in.

2. Complete the Online Application

a. Go to the GIJ application portal.

b. Enter the serial number and pin on the voucher card provided by the bank during the payment process.

c. Once done, Submit the completed application.

d. Then put the completed application form with the attached Result slip and other essential documents necessary in an envelope.

Address the envelope to:



P.O. BOX GP 667,


3. Send the Application Form

a. Mail the envelope containing the completed application form to the above address.

b. Ensure the application form reaches GIJ before the specified deadline. It is advisable to send it well in advance to allow for any postal delays.

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By following these steps, you will have successfully applied for the GIJ admission forms and taken the first step toward your academic journey at GIJ.

Remember to keep copies of all documents and payment receipts for your records.

It’s essential to adhere to the application deadlines and follow the instructions provided by GIJ for a successful application process.

Obtaining the GIJ admission forms is the first step towards securing your place at the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Remember to follow the application process outlined, purchase the forms from designated banks or sources, and fulfill the admission requirements based on your educational background.

Good luck with your application and future studies at GIJ!


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