Top Australian Government Scholarships 2023

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Australia is one of the brightest countries in the world, full of life and activities. It is commercially and economically sound, conducive to forwarding your education. If you’ve ever thought about studying in Australia, this is the right post for you.

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The government offers Australian scholarships that students like you who would like to study in the country. In this post, I’ll show you the top three Australian government scholarships with their descriptions, benefits, and application process. There will be so much vital information to take, so ensure you stick to this post to the end.

The top three scholarships which the Australian government offers are:

  • Destination Australia Scholarships
  • Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships
  • Australia Awards Scholarships

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Destination Australia Scholarships

As one of the best scholarships in Australia, the Destination program offers financial aid to students who merit it. Every year, Australia’s Department of Education funds the program for students home and abroad. 

The number of institutions providing the scholarship and the number of awards given varies each year. In the recent 2023 set, about 400 students benefited from the program. However, the most recent season plans for 1,000 slots.

Destination Australia is relatively easy to apply for and is renewable every year.


With a government body sponsoring the program, you can rest assured that it’s worth applying. The candidates receive about 15,000 AUD, with an additional 1,500 AUD for an academic year. However, this amount is renewable if the student performs even better in academics.

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The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses of over 1,000 candidates for higher education. There are other added incentives as well.


To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet up with specific requirements, which include:

  • A full-time application for a Certificate IV, Residential Certificate IV, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree, or Accredited Diploma. Again, applicants can also apply for a Bachelor’s Degree or Bachelor’s Honors Degree. Those who wish to apply for a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master’s Degree, or Doctoral Degree are eligible.
  • Applicants can only be applying to an institution partnering with the scholarship program.

For international students, the added criteria include:

  • Having a valid Australian Students Visa for travel
  • Scoring at least 75% in the previous academic level
  • Undergoing a full-time degree in university campus within Australia for the academic year
  • Living within the regional area of Australia while maintaining the residency 
  • Not getting any sponsor but being a whole fee-paying student

Application Process

Application is not direct, but the candidate needs to go through an institution in line with the scholarship. However, the mode through which the scholarship goes out varies from institution to institution. Where a university automatically considers eligible candidates, another might wish for them to undergo an application process.

In other words, it is up to the 35 recognized education providers to decide how they wish to award students. Nevertheless, for those institutions which prefer a detailed application, they may follow the application process:

  • The applicants begin with submitting their application for a course in the institution.
  • They make a one-paged statement illustrating how the award will assist their career and make them better people tomorrow.
  • There will be a screening stage which a panel conducts to evaluate submissions.
  • The assessment panel will send the outcome to both successful and unsuccessful candidates.
  • Those successful must accept the scholarship within the stipulated time through their mails or other means.
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Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship

The Australia Research Training Program Scholarship is the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) successor. The latter ceased in December 2016, and the former began in January 2017. They were both fundings to support students home and abroad to forward their education in higher degrees programs.

The scholarship recognizes a specific number of participating institutions in the country. Sponsored by the government, the scholarship amount also varies, and it is not specified.


The scholarship covers the student’s tuition fees, totally clearing the amount the student should pay. Furthermore, it helps them with the living costs and provides allowances to settle expenses and other issues. The funding is renewable, and the renewal years depend on the degree in question.

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Applicants must undergo an accredited HDR course in a university the scholarship forum recognizes. There are other criteria for students eligible for the RTP Stipend, Fees Offset, or Allowance. However, these criteria are present in Section 1.5 of the Commonwealth Scholarship Guidelines.

Application Process

Students don’t need any process here but should apply to recognized universities directly. However, all applicants must note that the institutions have their methods of application and selection. Hence, contact the school to find out more about the institution taking on it.

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After getting details on the methods, ensure you complete and submit before the deadline.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Formerly Australian Development Scholarship, the scholarship aims at supporting individuals from developing countries, especially from the Indo-Pacific region. Hence, only specific countries are eligible for the scholarship. Students can register for both graduate and undergraduate degrees in recognized universities.


Interestingly, it covers the total tuition fees with many other incentives. It helps with living expenses, travel fees, Overseas Student Health Cover, Pre-course English fees, Introductory Academic Program, e.t.c. Candidates can renew the scholarship as their program demands.


There are a handful of requirements from the candidate to partake in this scholarship. Hence, all applicants should download the Australia Awards Policy Handbook PDF from the website. Nevertheless, here are some things you should note:

  • The age limit is 18 years
  • Applicants should be citizens of a country in the Indo-Pacific area
  • An Australian Visa is compulsory
  • A clean record from any form of criminal activities
  • No connection to military personnel and so on.

Application Process

After ensuring you meet all criteria, do research on your specific country’s start and end date. Once you’re sure of this, you can apply online or use your email as you deem fit. 

A body will thoroughly screen all applications during the selection process. Finally, after the screening, the forum will announce the winners.

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