Stop Cooking This Common Foods With Salt

1. Potato

Even without salt, potatoes are quite palatable and wonderful. I’m certain most of you have noticed it too. It’s a tuber meal like yam that comes pre-seasoned with natural salt and flavorings. Therefore, don’t add an excessive amount of salt to it.



Corn is a wonderful dish that is delighted in by an enormous number of individuals, particularly in Nigeria. We have both roasted and boiling corn. You might be tempted to continue adding salt to your corn during the boiling system to support its sweetness, however you should oppose this desire. It can possibly hurt your kidneys and liver.

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3. Rice

Rice is a famous food that is high in starch, carbohydrates, and sugar. These drugs are now amazingly destructive to the body, particularly when ingested in enormous amounts. In any case, certain individuals are as yet able to utilize an excess of salt when cooking rice.


4. Rice

Yam, similar to rice, is a starchy food high in sugar and unsafe carbohydrates. It’s ideal to fry or cook your yams without adding any salt. This would undoubtedly add to you living longer and healthier years.

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