Tips To Increase Fat Burning

1- Exercising on an empty stomach has a very big impact on burning fat, and this is a result of the lack of energy in the body, so it resorts to using stored energy, which is of course fat.

2- Drinking water the first time you wake up and in large quantities, it will wash the kidneys, liver, and stomach, and also generates internal energy to equalize the temperature of the water with the internal body temperature, which is 37 degrees, and this in itself is a strong reason for burning fat.

3-Caffeine or drinking coffee, of course caffeine is beyond definition in burning fat, so if you have no contraindications, drink a cup in the morning, but you must have any food in your stomach so that you do not have problems in the esophagus and a cup after the afternoon in order to maintain the burning rate throughout the day and increase your focus.

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4- Using low-calorie auxiliary plants in your diet will help you very much in burning fats such as (asparagus, broccoli, green beans, spinach)


5- Cardio

After exercise, guys, not before. If you exercise iron, it remains after you get rid of it. Do 20 d cardio or supplement according to your program, because firstly you maintain your energy during exercise and secondly, you benefit from the process of emptying the muscles of glycogen and the body resorting to forcing it to use fat to produce energy .


6- Reducing carbohydrates or starches is very important in any diet that will make your body burn more and store more energy than it needs in the form of fats.

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