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Some Weird Things That Happen During $ex, Which Are Normal


Sex is not perfect and you may face some awkward moments.


We all have an amazing picture in our heads about how sex should be. Sensual and straight out of a movie.


But, sex is not always like how we see it in the movies. It is not perfect and you may face some awkward moments. Sexual mishaps are absolutely normal and every couple has experienced a few at least once in their life.

They are weird but absolutely normal.


Find out below:




Queefing is the sound of air coming out of your vagina, even though it sounds like a fart. Queefing can actually happen anytime especially during a heated athletic session where you bend over too much, like yoga. So, ladies, the next time you get that sound, know that it is absolutely normal.

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Yes, this awkward moment can come in your life if it hasn’t so far. But you need to chill girls because expelling gas is a bodily reflex. It’s natural and if it happens during sex, know that it’s not a big deal.


Gagging during a BJ

If you’re someone who loves to give your partner a blowjob, you would have been at the receiving end of this. Gagging during a BJ session is absolutely normal. In fact, some men think it’s super hot to gag during oral sex.


Getting Too Wet

Sometimes, you get enough fluids to have good sex. Other times, you squirt out a lot of liquid, which can be because of multiple reasons. While it’s possible that you are super excited and are becoming lubed, it can also happen because of hormonal fluctuations. For instance, if you have recently gone off birth control pills or degree of wetness also depends on your menstrual cycle.

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Not Getting Wet At All

There could be various reasons why you are not getting wet during sex. It could be hormonal imbalance, you could be dehydrated or you are breastfeeding. But don’t worry! This is when you get your hands on lubes that will do the job.


Getting Your Period In Between The Session

Sometimes, your period decides to be an uninvited guest and arrive at the wrong time. Getting your period in between a session is common and is absolutely normal.


Not Getting An Orgasm

Orgasm is great but it’s not the definition of awesome sex. Well, sure we’d like to get one every time but it doesn’t always happen. A lot of men and women have great sex and amazing intimacy without having an orgasm and that’s absolutely normal.


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