Scholarship Websites for College Students 2023

As tuition fees increase, the search for scholarships to fund higher education has become competitive. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier to find these opportunities through scholarship websites. We’ll put you through scholarship websites that will help narrow down your options and find scholarships that fit your unique qualifications.

scholarship websites


What are Scholarship Websites?

Scholarship websites are online platforms that connect students with scholarship opportunities.


These websites are often run by educational institutions, private companies, or nonprofit organizations that offer scholarships.

Some scholarship websites are specific to certain areas of study or demographics, while others offer a broad range of scholarship opportunities.

Why Use Scholarship Websites?

Scholarship websites offer several benefits to students looking for scholarship opportunities.

Firstly, they provide a centralized location to find and apply for scholarships.


This saves time and effort compared to searching for individual scholarships on multiple websites or publications.

Also, they often feature scholarship opportunities that are not widely advertised.

This invariably increases the chances of finding a scholarship that is a good fit.


Additionally, many of these websites provide valuable resources and information for students.

These sites also provide tips for writing scholarship essays or advice on financial aid.

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If want to read up about scholarships you can apply for, you can check them out below:

Top Scholarship Websites

There are countless scholarship websites available, but here are some of the most popular and reputable options:

1. Fastweb

Fastweb is one of the largest and most widely used websites for scholarships.

This search engine was created and first made available more than 15 years ago.

They are also known for offering a comprehensive database of scholarship opportunities.

So, Fastweb claims to have assisted more than 50 students in discovering and applying for scholarships.

This means you should probably take a visit to this website and have a look for yourself.

2. Scholarships. Com

This is another popular scholarship website on our list.

They provide a database of scholarship opportunities based on various criteria, including academic achievements and personal interests.

Since its launch in 1999,’s record database has grown tremendously, with scholarships worth more than $19 billion.

If you want to use this website, it’s actually very easy and absolutely free.

In fact, starting up only takes a few minutes.

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Every few months, listings are updated frequently to help students learn about recent scholarships.

3. Going Merry

With the Going Merry website, they give every student equitable access to education.

This website was developed by graduates of Carnegie Mellon and Stanford universities.

Their main aim was to find a simple method for students to apply for scholarships.

Compared to other websites, candidates do not need to look for applications online, after discovering a grant they are interested in.

It also allows students to register for scholarships without charging a fee.

4. College Board

This scholarship website was established in 1990.

It’s actually one of the educational sites that were developed early and have evolved with vast databases spanning more than $4 billion.

The College Board website provides resources for college preparation and planning.

However, the site has a scholarship search tool that matches students with relevant scholarship opportunities.

Through this website, students all over the globe have received or are currently eligible for different college scholarships.

They can connect with new college scholarship opportunities through services like the Scholarship Directory and the Scholarship Search.

Also, students can learn the basics of financial aid, including the different grants and loans available.

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5. Scholarship Owl

Scholarship Owl is an innovative tool created to shorten the time required to apply for scholarships.

By submitting applications for related grants, scholarship seekers can make the most of their time.

They fill out a simple informational document, and the site handles the rest!

While entry to scholarship matches is free for students, they can profit from the site features by signing up for a premium membership.

6. Sallie Mae

Recently, Sallie Mae has shifted from just offering different loans for homes and students to a directory of resources for finding new scholarships.

So, students can use this site to search for scholarships that are appealing and will push them closer to their career path.

Since it started giving its users access to resources and opportunities, Sallie Mae has distributed more than $18 billion in scholarships to millions of students.

Another good news is that you can actually use this site for free.

Now that you’ve known the relevant scholarship websites, it’s time to set the ball rolling.

Who knows? You could be the next person to earn a scholarship spot!



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