Message To Teenagers



Dear I’m happy that you’re growing up ,dressing well ;seeing some adult with their BF/GF and you like it, wishing to have someone to play with you and have some fun moments together.

That’s Ok, I know you have been watching movies and you think love and relationship is really sweet the way been acted in movies. I know many of your friends has been giving you gist how they have been catching fun and collecting material things like money, cards, clothes and even they’re using better phone than you do.


Dear girl, I know many guys are telling you; you’re beautiful, sexy and your head is swelling up every moment. Everyday you comes across guys they keep calling baby ,sexy, ozioboro, honey, sweetheart, sweetie etc . I know your dressing code has changed, You are dressing more sexy because guys said you’re so beautiful, charming and you believe them. That’s amazing right? I know one guy is singing song to your ear with I LOVE YOU almost everyday. You feel like giving him a chance. You want to have a Boyfriend! They have increase to more than 20 guys asking you out at same time.

Dear girl; you’re so beautiful right? And you’re confused who to choose as a boyfriend. Well as I said in the beginning, I’m happy for you.

NOTE: Not because you’re beautiful, sexy and looking good is the main reasons why almost all guys in your area asking you for a dated. My dear girl, those guys already know you don’t know anything. They just want to taste your thing. Many times when guys are rushing girls not because they have good plans for them but just to sleep with them and dumb them.

Listen dear young girl growing up, Don’t be carried away because of “I LOVE YOU”. I know you don’t understand the agony of relationship. Keep yourself holy if possible. Keep away from relationship. Forget those guys whether teenager like you or adult asking you out and promising heaven on earth. Don’t even tell me your friends have their own BF’s but remember we have different destiny. To keep your virginity; keep away from relationship. Don’t mind that idiot that told you; I will wait; One day He will surely start asking for the sex . Just be yourself and serve your God.


Listen Giving a man sex is the number one reason why many women are crying and regretting a lot in world today, don’t join this category of set of people. Your Husband will be happy to see you as a virgin and God almighty will surely reward you for keeping His words.

This site is all about saying the truth about love and don’t care if someone get hurt base on the truth publish here. I want God to be happy with us for not misleading people, I want God to use us to change life. I will continue saying the truth. Are you against this update. Do you agree with me??


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