Meet The Soldier That Has Lived With A Bullet In His Neck For 53 Years.


Sergeant Ibrahim Umar is a retired Nigerian soldiers that was among the people that fought the Nigerian Civil war. Sergeant Ibrahim explained how he got the bullet inside his neck, which has been there for over 52 years after the war ended.


He said that he was shot in the neck in the year 1968, one year after the war started. He said that after taking his colleague to the medics for treatment, on his way back, he heard gunshots everywhere, then he got struck by a bullet on his neck. He fell to the ground, but another of his colleague returned the fire and dragged him to safety.


Sergeant Ibrahim Umar was in the hospital for many months, after which the doctors told him that the bullet was attached to his neck vein, that he stands a risk of getting paralyzed if they try to remove the bullet.

He also narrated how he lost many friends during the war, but the death of his best friend Musa, is what he feels the most.

Sergeant Ibrahim said that war experience is not a good thing. He said that the worst pain that can ever be felt, is the pain of a brother killing his brother.

In his words, he said “I pray that the world will not experience another war in Nigeria, Africa. Anybody that’s crying out for war doesn’t know the meaning of war. Many people have forgotten about the civil war, but I haven’t”.


Ibrahim said that he has fifteen children, that life is very difficult for him. He said that he begs the government to pay him his pension and gratuity that they have owed him for so many years.

He said that he retired from the army in the year 1979, and ever since then, he didn’t receive anything until year 2007. That his money of 1979 to 2006 is still pending.

He said it was so difficult during the war, that himself and his colleagues had to learn how to eat anything inside the bush.


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