Jigawa State College of Education Gumel Admission Requirements 2024/2025

Do you intend to enroll in Jigawa State College of Education, Gumel, but are unsure if the school offers the course you want to study? We have carefully written down information about the school’s admission requirements, hostel accommodations, and courses offered, helping you understand everything you need to know about the institution.

Jigawa State College of Education Gumel Jigawa State College of Education, Gumel (JSCE Gumel) operates as a prestigious higher education institution situated in Gumel, Jigawa State, Nigeria. It began in 1978 as a Grade II Teachers’ College and has expanded into a large college that offers National Certificate in Education (NCE) programs.


Jigawa State College of Education Gumel Admission Requirements

To gain admission to Jigawa State College of Education, Gumel, there are several requirements you need to fulfill. Knowing these ahead of time will help you complete your application and increase your chances of acceptance.

To be admitted, you must:


1. Have at least five credits in related subjects, such as English Language, Mathematics, one Science subject, and two other subjects. You can obtain these credits in one sitting or over two sitting.

2. Be at least 16 years old to apply.

3. Have at least five years of education after elementary school.

4. For Direct Entry candidates, possess at least one upper credit in the appropriate ND program.


5. Achieve at least the minimum score on the UTME required for college admission. The cut-off mark varies annually based on competition.

6. Have made JSCE Gumel your first choice when registering for JAMB.

Steps for Applying

To apply for admission:

1. Obtain the college’s application form from the admissions office or click HERE. Read and fill out the form carefully.

2. Attach copies of your IDs, such as your birth certificate, WAEC or NECO results, and proof of residence, to the completed form.

3. Submit the completed admission form and required documents to the admissions office before the due date. Late applications will not be considered.

4. Check the college’s website or admissions office notice board to see if you have been granted provisional admission.

5. Accept the offer of admission on the college’s website or in person at the admissions office by the specified deadline. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your admission offer.

6. Attend the college for screening and registration when the academic session begins. Bring the original copies of the documents attached to your admission form for verification.

By carefully following these admission steps, you can increase your chances of acceptance.

Courses Offered

Here is the shuffled list with no consecutive courses being the same subject:

1. Christian Religious Studies / English

2. Biology / Geography

3. English / History

4. Computer Education / Chemistry

5. Chemistry / Integrated Science

6. Christian Religious Studies / Idoma

7. English / French

8. Computer Science Education / Mathematics

9. Chemistry / Physics

10. Biology / Physics

11. Christian Religious Studies / Tiv

12. English / Theatre Arts

14. French / History

15. Business Education

16. Early Childhood Care Education

17. Geography / Physics

18. Christian Religious Studies / Hausa

19. Biology / Integrated Science

20. English / Hausa

21. Christian Religious Studies / History

22. English / Geography

23. Arabic / French

23. Biology / Mathematics

24. French / Political Science

25. English / Igbo

26. Computer Education / Physics

27. Christian Religious Studies / Political Science

28. Agricultural Science

29. Chemistry / Mathematics

30. English / Social Studies

31. Computer Education / Biology

32. Economics / French

33. English / Islamic Studies

34. Biology / Chemistry

35. French / Theatre Arts

36. Christian Religious Studies / Political Science

37. English / Integrated Science

38. English / Idoma

39. Christian Religion Studies / Social Studies

40. Computer Education / Economics

41. English / Political Science

42. Computer Science Education / Integrated Science

43. French / Tiv

44. Christian Religious Studies / Tiv

45. Geography / History

Hostel Accommodation at Jigawa State College of Education, Gumel

Students at Jigawa State College of Education in Gumel, Nigeria, can access on-campus housing in the form of hostels. These hostels offer students a convenient and affordable residence option during their studies.

Both male and female students can stay in separate facilities within the hostels, allowing them to reside comfortably with peers of the same gender. The hostels are located a short distance from academic buildings, dining facilities, and other campus amenities, providing easy access to essential services.

Students who wish to stay in the college hostels should inquire with the school administration about availability, associated fees, and application procedures. Applying early is advisable due to high demand and limited space. Preference may be given to students from distant locations and those at higher levels of study.

The hostels include shared living spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, common rooms, and outdoor gathering areas. Standards vary, but most hostels provide basic furnishings like beds, storage units, lighting, and fans. Students must keep their spaces clean and orderly. Hostel rules prohibit disruptive activities to ensure respect for other residents.

Staying in the Jigawa State College of Education hostel facilities enables students to fully immerse themselves in campus life. The convenience, camaraderie, and affordability make these accommodations an attractive housing option for many students during their time at the college.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply to the College?

To apply to Jigawa State College of Education, Gumel, you need to obtain and complete an application form from the college’s admissions office. The form includes details about the required documents to submit, such as copies of your academic credentials.

There is an application fee that must be paid at designated banks. Deadlines for applications are usually posted on the college’s website and at the admissions office.

What Accommodation Options Are Available?

On-campus residential accommodation is offered on a first-come, first-served basis in the school’s hostels.

Additionally, privately owned hostels and rented apartments are available off-campus, located a short distance from the college. Some accommodation options include meals, while others have shared kitchens.


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