How to Protect Car Paint Damage

Car is a valuable vehicle that can be the best friend to gather your daily activities such as going to work, shopping, or visiting many destinations.


Protecting your car can be done by giving regular services as recommended by your official service center of the car. Don’t forget to optimize your car appearance, especially the car paint. The best car paint will give you more confident to drive it.

There are some main enemies of your car paint damage. Firstly, it can be caused by the sunlight. Parking the car outside will decrease the original brightness of the car’s color. The sunlight will cause ultraviolet rays that will bring your car’s color becomes damage than before. To protect sun damage, you have to park the car in the protected parking area that has a roof or shade.

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Secondly, be careful if you often to visit the sea. As you know that sea contains much salt inside. The salt will damage iron and other materials of your car by giving corrosions so that the paint will peel off and damage. The more air pollution will cause the damage of the car paint. Moreover, the dung of insects and birds will also cause the damage of car paint because they contain acid material effects. Of course, you have to park the car in safety area such as garage. Wash the car to protect negative effect from the damage factors.

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Thirdly, the rain factor will also cause the damage of your car paint. It can contain acid material if you cannot wash your car after using. Dirty car after rainy using will make the car obtain some components damages because of corrosion effects. To avoid it, you have to wash the car regularly, especially after you have used it in rainy situation. Use high temperature water to clean the dirty and normal temperature water to wash the paint. Make sure to utilize a soft duster after washing activity.


Frothy, the extreme climate in your area will add the factor to damage the car paint. Therefore, polish and wax your car after washing activity. They are used to optimize the paint protection because the climate will not give negative effect after you have used polish and wax correctly.

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Finally, the paint car damage factors as mention before also can be decrease by utilizing car paint protection film. You can obtain it, by visiting car paint protection film store near with your home. It can protect your car until 5 year using.


Those are some reasons of car paint damage and how to protect it, you can apply all in order to care your beloved car.

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