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Virginity Has No Gender






Whenever virginity is discussed, most times it is on ladies (not on men) that are on the minds of people. I really don’t blame them completely for that because in the Bible there are no direct injunctions on virginity directed at men. Not one verse of the Bible talks directly about men’s virginity.


Now the questions are: 

Are men not also expected to be virgins?



Are there no verses of the Bible that command men to be virgins, chaste and sexually pure?


What is virginity?


Simply put, virginity is a state where a man or woman hasn’t had sexual intercourse. Basically, the proof of virginity in ladies is unbroken hymen while for the men it’s unspilled semen and “unstroke” penis.

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However, over the years, other research works have shown that some ladies lose their virginity even without having sexual intercourse. Straineous physical activities have been identified as one factor that cause loss of virginity.


In Psalms 119:7-9 states that a man is to lead a life of purity. When the Bible talks about purity, it’s all-round purity, sexual purity inclusive. Sexual purity is for both genders.


According to God’s word, marriage is to be entered in the state of virginity. Both the man and the woman are to be in that state of sexual naivity and innocence when getting married. Nobody is expected to come into marriage as a professional sex practitioner; we are expected to learn, grow and become a pro in marriage.

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Virginity is, and remains God’s perfect will for singles. Anybody who makes light of what God values or treasures so much is an enemy of God. Virginity is PRICELESS.

If you are still a virgin, please be proud of yourself and walk with your head held high. Don’t ever be ashamed of being one. In fact desist from even telling people that you are still a virgin; it’s not necessary and it’s not their business knowing your virginity status

If you have lost your virginity, don’t kill yourself over it as God has forgiven you and washed you clean the day you repented. But please abstain from sex henceforth and don’t be among singles who mock virgins. Mocking virgins is the way of the ungodly. Don’t be one. Remember virginity has no gender.


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