How to Rank High On Google Search in Ghana

How to Rank High On Google Search in Ghana

In this post, I’ll show you what to do and rank high on Google search in Ghana. Google ranking is base on how your articles are been arrange. Therefore it’s very important to write and arrange your articles to match with SEO ranking.

Before writing an article, Think of the topic you want to write the article about and make sure that is what your audience is looking for at that particular time.

How to Write Articles

  1. Heading / Title
  2. The first paragraph should explain what you are writing About
  3. Body (the main part of the article, 2 – 3 paragraphs)
  4. Sub Heading. Make sure it explains what you are writing
  5. Conclusion (Ending paragraph of the article with the opinion or recommendation, anticipation or an appeal)
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How to Rank High On Google Search in Nigeria

How to Rank High On Google Search in Ghana

1. Write Good Content optimized for SEO: Writing good quality content on your site is one of the best ways to increase traffic and improve your google search rank in Ghana. However, Good content and good search keyword-optimized your site SEO.

2. Start Title with Your Target Keyword: As you can see, most pages that rank for competitive keywords strategically place them at the beginning of their title tags. Although not mandatory, it’s prudent to do so as it will make your website more relevant to what people search for.

3. Get More Backlinks: Backlinks are links from other sites to your site. is very good to have backlinks and are one of the most heavily weighted Google ranking factors.

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4. Using Internal Linking: Putting internal links by linking some of your old posts to the new ones will help your site to optimize for SEO and is very good.

5. Match Your Content to Search Intent: Make sure your contents match what peoples are searching for.

6. Targeting Keyword: This is the most important thing in any article. make sure your article is targeting what people are searching for.

How to make your website rank higher on Google

To make your website rank on google search you need to follow these steps:

  • Publish Relevant Content
  • Publish frequency searches
  • Update Your Content Regularly
  • Metadata
  • Have a link-worthy site
  • Use alt tags.
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