Red flags that scream a person has low self esteem

There are numerous indicators of low self-esteem. Many of them have been discussed and are still being examined by psychologists. Those outside science have their own ideas about self-esteem and the signs that a person should change their ways.


Top red flags to watch out for

  • Always Needing Reassurance. Some people continuously seek reassurance from their partners. Whether in a platonic or marital relationship, people feel insecure even after being with their spouse for a long period. In a relationship or otherwise, frequent reassurance is an indication of poor self-esteem.
  • You believe everything awful said about you, yet when someone compliments you, you can’t seem to accept it.
  • You’re always scared to grow. You feel when you do this or when you do not do a certain thing he or she is going to leave you. You’re so stagnant that you feel when you’re behaving in a certain manner he or she is going to stay but that’s not true. When people walk out of your life, the only reason they come back to you is that they’ve seen that you have grown.
  • Everybody cannot like you. If everyone you meet likes you there’s a problem. Some people may not like you due to religious beliefs, culture, perceptions, and different upbringing. Some will love you some may not love you and it’s normal it happens everywhere. You can see someone today and you’ll be like “I don’t just like this person”. It happens. So, when people reject you it’s normal to just go back to your board and improve on yourself. You only feel bad when people reject you because you’ve not discovered yourself. Once people tell you to know it means you should improve yourself. Give yourself a target and you’ll love yourself for the person you have become.

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