How To Become A DSTV Agent In Ghana


Have you ever wondered how to become a DSTV agent and make money? In the course of this post, we will be sharing with you step-by-step on how to become a DSTV Agent anywhere you are.




You and I know that DSTV has emerged as one of the biggest satellite TV providers in Africa as a whole.


In 2018, across Sub-Saharan Africa, there were 13.5 million DStv subscribers, with 7 million in South Africa alone. The Total number of DSTV PVR decoders reached 1.4 million in 2018.



These statistics show how big the industry you are going into is. To tap into this juicy industry you need to be an agent.


What do you need to become a DSTV Agent in Ghana


We will be showing some of the things you some of the Requirements to become an agent.

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Becoming a DSTV agent does not need any demanding training. A bit of technical training may be ideal because the duty of the DSTV agent involves installations and repairs.

Capital is required to run this business. As an intending Agent, then you will need a considerable amount of money to run the business because the DSTV franchise is what you are acquiring.

Your ability to relate with persons will be useful in business as this. You are representing the company in the area your company is located in. A lot of questions, enquiries, and complaints from potential customers will be asked from time to time.


Duties of an Agent





Recommendation, etc.


Where to Establish your DSTV Agency business

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Due to the rapid growth of the company, DSTV is in very high demand. To break-even as a DSTV agent, we advise you to establish your business in the location where you have more population.

Most MultiChoice agents I know usually live in cities or big cities that accommodate a lot of businesses.


Is there any training before one becomes an agent?

To become a successful DSTV agent, you need to be trained technically by Multichoice (Parent company).

Multichoice will show you a few things you need to know about the technical aspect of the job while the interpersonal skills need to be developed by you.


How to Register For DSTV Agent Training

To register as an agent, you must first download a form through the DSTV website.

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After filling out the downloaded form, you send the filled form to the company through their email address.


How much money do you need?

You need to make a financial commitment called franchise fees to the company. This fee is a prerequisite to becoming a DSTV agent. MultiChoice will then guide and furnish you with the methods and resources to enable you to kickstart your business.

What you need to qualify as a DSTV Agent.

As stated above, you need to take part in the training course organized by Multichoice.

After the training, you will be given an assessment in which you are expected to reach a certain passing mark.



You can also locate an agent around you for mentorship. Having a mentor will fast-track the whole process for you.


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