Healow Patient Portal Login

You can contact your doctor’s office and obtain the most recent medical records by logging into the healow patient portal login.

Healow Patient Portal Login

Healow Patient Portal Login

Within one app, you will have access to your appointments, lab results, vitals, medication management, and other personal information.

You may access and manage several accounts as well as your family’s medical information from the healowTM app.

Send an email to PortalSupport@actonmedical.com to set up your Healow account before you may access the patient portal.

Log into Healow to:

1. Communicate directly with physicians – Receive answers to non-urgent medical questions from your desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

2. Make appointments and submit forms – Schedule appointments, or view details of past and upcoming appointments. Expedite check-ins by completing and submitting online forms to Acton Medical.

3. Access test results and medical records – View test & lab results, and doctor’s comments within days of your appointment.

4. Review personal medical records like clinical summaries, conditions, and medications, as well as personal health information from other health organizations participating in the Healow patient portal.

5. Request prescription renewals – Send renewal requests for any of your refillable medications.

6. Request referrals – Email your physician with your referral request, and determine the best specialist for your based on your medical history and symptoms.


How To Use The Healow App

The Healow APP is another way for miCare patients to schedule appointments and view health information.

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1. Download the Healow App onto Android or IPhone

2. Once you open the app click GET STARTED

3. You can enter the PRACTICE CODE here (HBACBD)

***It also listed This on the Health.Healow.com/miCare login page***

4. If you do not remember your practice code click FIND MY DOCTOR

5. When you click FIND MY DOCTOR at the top you can select

▸ Provider Name: Any provider in the miCare Health Center

▸ Practice Name: Micare, LLC

▸ Practice Code: Entering this is the quickest option

6. Once you have selected the location, log in using the username and password you received in the original email

7. Agree to Terms and Conditions

8.You will be asked to enter a 4-digit pin for quick access to the Healow App

How Do I Log Into Healow?

From the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, get the Healow app. You can access your device’s App store by clicking on the link at the bottom of your email for the Portal Login. 2. Type in the Practice Code abceaa and click “Login.”

Why Can’t I Get Into My Healow Account?

▸ Select the link for Can’t access your account.

▸ Choose Forgot Password.

▸ Your first name, last name, and birthdate must be entered.

▸ After submitting this information, you will get an email with a link to reset your password.


What is Healow Health Portal?

HealowTM App and Health Portal. The Health Portal is a safe tool that enables you to consult with your doctor and the rest of the care team, examine health records and data securely and safely, whenever you want, around-the-clock, on a computer or smartphone/tablet using the Healow App.

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Is Healow the Same as Mychart?

Healow. MyChart and Healow both provide many of the same features. Healow has worked with fitness tracker applications like FitBit to incorporate this feature into its app.

How Do I Retrieve My Username on the Healow App?


▸ Select I have forgotten my username. Tap Next.

▸ Enter your First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. Tap Next.

▸ An email has been sent to your registered email with your username.

Is there a Charge for the Healow App?

You may track your health with the free healowTM App, which is available on Google PlayTM or the Apple App Store®.

With the help of the app, you may communicate with your doctor and get a quick overview of your medical history.

Healow Patient Portal Login

What is a Healow Verification Code?

Depending on your settings, a four-digit healow verification code will be given to you. Enter the code after receiving it, then select “Verify.” Make up a new account password.

Can I Use Healow for Multiple Doctors?

Yes, utilizing the healow app, the same accounts can be connected to several devices. Please get in touch with us if you need any extra help.


How Do I Add Another Doctor to My Healow Account?

To link another account to your main account:

▸ Tap Settings

▸ Tap My Accounts

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▸ Tap the plus (+) icon

▸ Search for the practice/provider name or the practice code that is associated with the account you want to link

▸ Tap the practice for the account you want to link

Can You Have 2 Healow Accounts?

Any PIN can be used by two accounts on the same device, although we advise only using one PIN per account.

This protocol stops unauthorized access to the other person’s account and vice versa. This advice also applies to accounts on healow that are linked to several devices.

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You will need to establish a portal account the first time you visit the portal login page. You will need to choose a username and password to access the site, so make sure you have these details ready.

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