Kintampo College of Health: Top Choice for Healthcare Education

Learn why Kintampo College of Health is the best option for healthcare education. Discover its programs, facilities, and other features that make it stand out from the rest.Kintampo College of Health

Kintampo College of Health

Kintampo College of Health established in 1964 is a health training school to train midwives. Since then, the college has extended its facilities and curriculum offerings to give students access to a variety of healthcare training opportunities.


Today, the College of Health is recognized as a leading institution in Ghana for healthcare education and training.

The College is a renowned institution in Ghana that specializes in health sciences education. Programs in nursing, midwifery, public health, and laboratory technology are among the many certificate, diploma, and degree options it provides.


While it is not a university, the college provides quality education and equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective fields.

Programs Offered at Kintampo College of Health

In accordance with their interests and professional objectives, students can select from a wide range of courses.

1. Nursing

2. Midwifery


3. Public Health

4. Laboratory Technology

5. Radiography

Facilities at the College of Health

The College of Health has state-of-the-art facilities that provide students with an excellent learning environment.

The college has modern classrooms, a library, laboratories, and a computer center. Modern technology is used in laboratories to give students practical experience in their particular disciplines.

 The college also has a modern cafeteria that provides students with healthy meals.

Admission Requirements at the College

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Must have at least six credits (including English, Mathematics, and Science) at the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

2. Candidates must have a minimum of C6 in English, Mathematics, and Science.

3. You also must pass an entrance examination and an interview conducted by the college. For more details, click here.

Admission Process

1. Fill out an application form, which can be found on the college’s website or obtained from their admissions office. Provide personal information, academic records, and other relevant details.

2. Pay the application fee.

3. Take the entrance exam (if required).

4. Attend an interview with the admissions committee.

5. Receive an acceptance letter and confirm acceptance by paying any required fees.

It’s crucial to invest the time and effort necessary to prepare for the application process and show your commitment to pursuing a career in healthcare because admission to Kintampo College of Health is extremely difficult. Good luck!

Student Life and Activities on Campus

Kintampo College of Health is not just a place to study healthcare, but also a vibrant community where students can engage in various activities and initiatives.

Below is the diverse range of student life and activities at this prestigious institution in Ghana.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Kintampo College of Health has a wide range of student clubs and organizations that cater to various interests, from sports to music, arts, and community service.

Sports and Fitness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for anyone in the healthcare industry, and the College of Health recognizes this by providing opportunities for students to engage in sports and fitness activities.

Student Housing and Accommodation

Living on campus is an excellent way to fully immerse yourself in the Kintampo College of Health community.

Student Services and Support

In order for students to succeed academically and personally, Kintampo College of Health is dedicated to giving them a nurturing environment.

Cultural and Social Activities

Ghana is known for its rich cultural heritage, and Kintampo College of Health offers various opportunities for students to experience and engage with the local culture.

Kintampo College of Health is a fantastic option for individuals interested in pursuing a health sciences education because of its cutting-edge facilities and knowledgeable faculty. Apply today and start your journey to a rewarding career in healthcare!


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