Evergreen State College Acceptance Rate and Tuition Fee

Find out about the Evergreen State College Acceptance Rate and easy admission process. Also, learn how to meet GPA requirements and SAT/ACT considerations and the cost of attendance for a smooth application.

Evergreen State College Acceptance Rate


Evergreen State College Acceptance Rate

The College has an extremely lenient admissions process, with a 99% acceptance rate. In other words, they admit nearly all applicants who apply.

However, if you don’t meet their basic requirements, you could be among the rare few who face rejection.


Accepted students at Evergreen generally have SAT scores falling between 1000 and 1200. The ACT scores range from 19 to 27.

Importantly, the college doesn’t adhere to a strict application deadline. They accept applications on a rolling basis.

Evergreen State College is open to students with a GPA of 3.05. That is slightly below average. Being a B-average student with some A’s is generally acceptable.

However, it’s advisable you avoid getting C’s and D’s. The people reviewing your application might question your ability to handle the challenges of college coursework.


Is Evergreen College Expensive?

The Evergreen College is one of the few public liberal arts and sciences colleges in the country that charges less. They charge in-state Washington residents about $7,500 in annual undergraduate tuition.

While they charge out-of-state students about $29,000.

Below is the cost of attendance for a better understanding;

Cost Category Washington Resident ($) Western Undergraduate Exchange ($) Nonresident ($)
Tuition* 7,845 11,379 29,826
Mandatory Fees** 1,154 1,154 1,154
Books and Supplies 900 900 900
Room and Board 16,451 16,451 16,451
Transportation 1,661 1,661 1,661
Personal Expenses 1,766 1,793 1,793
Total Annual COA $29,777 $33,338 $51,785

Please note that tuition is based on a typical full-time student taking 12 to 16 credits per quarter. And that is during the nine-month academic year, which runs from September to June.

Summer tuition and fees may differ. Also, student fees are not included in tuition. It may vary depending on factors like the number of credits taken and specific program requirements.

What is the Reputation of Evergreen College?

The reputation of Evergreen State College stands out as one of the nation’s top institutions. It is recognized by The Princeton Review.

In their 2024 rankings, Evergreen excels in two key categories. They are among the “Best 389 Colleges” and “Best Regional Colleges.”

What makes Evergreen unique is that these rankings are solely derived from valuable student feedback.

This distinction underscores the college’s commitment to providing a quality educational experience that resonates with its students.

Evergreen’s reputation as one of the best colleges in the country is a testament to its academic excellence and dedication to fostering an exceptional learning environment.

With a high admission rate, the college is easily accessible to many students.

While it prioritizes inclusivity, remember to meet their GPA requirements. Also, consider your SAT/ACT scores for a smoother admission process.


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