Do Not Eat Pineapple While Pregnant



When you are pregnant, you may hear many advices coming from your friends, family members, even strangers telling you what to eat and what not to eat! Though some of these warnings given are helpful, others may be just a wrong information.



One of the most common advices that you may come across is to avoid eating ‘pineapples’. It is said that eating a whole pineapple may push you into labor and cause miscarriage. Is it really true or just a tale?


Here’s the Fact!



The truth is, pineapple contains a lot of health benefits that make it a safe and healthy fruit to eat during pregnancy. They are a rich source of vitamin C and also contain manganese, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, folate, and pantothenic acid. These nutrients boost immunity, promote bone health, lower blood pressure, and even aid in preventing anemia. In short, the nutrients in the pineapple are only beneficial for your baby’s health and yours.

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The reason for this misconception regarding pineapple and pregnancy is the presence of a protein-digesting enzyme called ‘ Bromelain ‘ in it. Bromelain tablets are used in medicines to fight inflammation. However, the consumption of these tablets is not advised during pregnancy as it may cause bleeding. Having said that, the amount of bromelain in a pineapple is too little to negatively impact your pregnancy. In fact, you may have to eat eight to ten fresh, whole pineapples or even more at once, to bear any adverse effect that bromelain may cause.


Taken in moderate amount along with other healthy and nutritious foods, pineapples can be considered safe for consumption in pregnancy.

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There’s no scientific evidence to prove that pineapple may endanger your pregnancy. Thus, this common belief about pineapple is purely a myth!


Knowledge is Power !…




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