No One Has It All



Ayisha , mad, sleeps under the bridge but in her hands are twin handsome boys she gave birth to some weeks ago.


Esther , living in a posh house, drives posh cars, went to the best hospital in town for ante-natal care but see her crying for she has another miscarriage.


Halima , beautiful, good job, good house, good husband yet her pillow suffers every night with wetness of her tears , because she is yet to conceive.


Francis, lives with his parents, his father is a poor carpenter, he goes to school on foot every morning with empty stomach, yet he is exceptionally brilliant.

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Tony, a son of a wealthy politician, goes to school, with escorts and assorted food and drinks yet he cannot assimilate what he is being taught.


Malcom, son of a medical doctor, crippled, he cannot help himself, his father cannot help him yet he treats others and they get healed.


We all have it in bits, that is the irony of life. So why the bitterness, the envy, the anger, let’s learn to manage our bit and see how we can make it better.


Suraya, virgin, focused, intelligent, but she was raped on her way to school, she became pregnant, and life was on hold for a moment.

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Mary, prostitute, nothing to write home about, married to a good man, have four lovely kids and doing great.


Cindy, rich family, beautiful, good job, humble, but yet to have a man to call her own.


No one should think he/she is better than the next person because we have it in bits, as we try to manage our bit, let us also try to be a support system.


No one is more, no one is less, we are all unique in our own way.


It is so funny and indeed pitiable to see someone acting so proud and inhumane just because he or she has a slight advantage over others in a particular area of life. Someday when death beckons, you will respond without all your cluttering material possessions

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